We closely work together with a wide range of stakeholders, united by the desire to improve patients’ lives. First and foremost, we collaborate closely with our customers, doctors and other specialists at hospitals and medical clinics. We also work closely with universities and research institutes in a constant quest to improve our products and services (see the ‘Our products’ chapter for more details). To produce the right products, we make efforts to select the right suppliers. And last but not least, we strive to collaborate with local communities in the countries where we have branches.


Supply chain

The products that we sell worldwide through our subsidiaries are made in our own factories in Japan, Malaysia, China and Brazil. This integration of part of the supply chain with our company ensures that we can make and supply the best possible products. Resources and parts for our products, including semiconductors, magnets and various raw materials, are procured by production units from a variety of suppliers subject to a set of requirements in the areas of not only quality, reliability and price but also environmental management, health and safety and possible social effects. These requirements are set out in our management system, green procurement standards, Supplier Code of Conduct and Procurement Policy. Additionally, key suppliers are regularly subjected to supplier audits.

Key points in our green procurement standards include CO2 emissions, resource recycling, and reduction of hazardous substances to reduce our impact on the environment.

Social requirements are verified annually by our parent company Canon Inc. in a survey of supplier ethics that addresses such issues as child labor, forced labor and possible conflict minerals. Lastly, suppliers sign a Supplier Code of Conduct.

For more information see our Supplier Code of Conduct, Green Procurement Standards and Conflict Mineral Policy in our Procurement Policy:

Supplier Code of Conduct Green Procurement Standards Procurement Policy

Support of local communities

One of our key objectives is contributing to local communities in the countries where we operate. Given our Made for Life philosophy, we focus not only on improving patients’ lives but also on improving opportunities for less privileged individuals and communities.

Each branch of Canon Medical Systems Group has a budget with which to contribute to the most relevant target groups in the various countries where we have branches. We also contribute by providing medical equipment for social purposes free of charge. Lastly, we take an active part in various actions, such as maintaining a biodiverse garden around our Headquarters in Nasu, Japan and contributing to clean-up days.

Specific examples of our contributions to the people, planet and prosperity issues of communities in 2020 are:

  1. To support the Chinese city of Wuhan in its struggle with the coronavirus in the earlier days of the pandemic, Canon Medical Systems Corporation donated an Aquilion Lightning CT scanner to the Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology in Wuhan City. During that period, hospitals in Wuhan faced a serious shortage of medical imaging devices that are critical to diagnosing lung inflammation caused by the coronavirus.
  2. Canon Medical Systems United States usually conducts an annual charity auction to support needy families in the local community. In 2020, money was collected without an auction, due to COVID-19, and used for the same purpose. Proceeds went to Orange County Social Services. We are proud of this initiative, which started with a group of employees 30 years ago.
  3. Canon Medical Systems in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand contributed financially to train assistant dogs for people suffering from epilepsy and other medical conditions.
  4. Employees based at headquarters in Nasu and Kyushu in Japan participated on a voluntary basis in a campaign to help clean up neighboring areas. We have been involved in this work since 2009.
  5. At Otahara City Industrial Culture Festival in Japan, which is held every autumn, we introduced our advanced diagnostic imaging equipment and the latest technology to ease burdens on patients. The introduction included panels, images and easy-to-understand demonstrations using actual machines and medical equipment. This promoted the importance of the early detection and treatment of diseases in conjunction with technological advances. A full-scale model of an MRI diagnostic device was exhibited in 2020.

For the 2021-2025 period, we plan to continue providing support to local communities through donations, sponsored events and support activities. Additionally, as one of our actions, we will commit ourselves to new global initiatives in the medical field that impact local communities.

Our initiative for a Brazilian community

Donation of equipment

In 2020, as every year, we participated in the campaign to donate medical equipment for poor populations. This time we donated refurbished ultrasound equipment to the municipality of Sao Paolo for obstetric examinations. A public hospital, which donated its services, uses the equipment when visiting poor populations and examines pregnant women free of charge.

We launched the action during a ‘Made for Life Day’ when our staff, along with several other volunteers and the Brazilian NGO Dharma Institute, carried out several examinations on about 100 women from Campinas (Sao Paolo state).

Differences in population

The income gap in Brazil is quite large and a substantial part of the population is poor. In addition to those who are able to take advantage of free examinations, more people in low income groups are becoming customers. Public hospitals are asking for regular machines and private hospitals are looking for high tech solutions. We are perfectly capable of servicing both groups, and ultimately the many patients who receive medical assistance.


We plan to enlarge our budget for donations in 2021. Apart from medical equipment, we are going to donate clothing and food for poor populations and support actions to help preserve the environment. This fits in perfectly with our ‘Made for Life’ corporate philosophy and we feel it is important to provide assistance to those in need.

I have been working for Canon Medical Systems in Brazil for 30 years now. I enjoy working here, since it is a company that respects employees, customers, the law and society.


Luiz Felipe Silva, Legal Director, Canon Medical Systems Brazil

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