Canon Medical debuts Automation and Analytics Solutions

Next-gen AI-driven Healthcare Automation and Imaging Analytics platforms will help clinicians to increase their efficiency and focus on things that matter

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, 23 April 2020
– As part of its Healthcare IT solutions strategy Canon Medical introduces a range of AI-driven solutions based on its Canon Automation Platform. The solutions deliver automated clinical insights and smarter workflows through an advanced, AI-assisted Automation Platform which can help to significantly improve workflow efficiency, ensuring every patient gets a fast, accurate diagnosis when time is critical.

Canon Medical’s Automation Platform is a zero-click solution leveraged for a wide range of purposes including:

  • automatically analyze images and tags for patient categorization
  • detect, segment and characterize abnormal conditions
  • deliver prioritized results and alerts for diagnostic viewing and sharing


One of the first applications available on the Automation Platform will be dedicated to stroke and will analyze LVO, ICH, ASPECT scoring, CTP and DWI.

The second major Healthcare IT innovation introduced is the company’s imaging analytics platform Vitrea Intelligence. Vitrea Intelligence provides operational analytics for radiology departments and practices, allowing them to monitor imaging performance using pre-built dashboards and intuitive graphs. By unlocking the DICOM metadata the system provides comprehensive and accurate views of imaging operations, allowing users to explore all data generated by their imaging equipment in detail as well as to create custom visualizations.

Vitrea Intelligence helps users to gain accurate visibility into all modality utilization including CT dose tracking and usage of accessories such as ultrasound transducers and MR coils; to gain self-service access to productivity reports that allow them to better plan and manage modalities; as well as to proactively identify cost-saving opportunities.

“In an increasingly challenging environment for radiology departments, our aim is to dramatically improve workflow efficiency and ensure existing imaging assets are being optimally utilized” said Stuart Ferguson, Senior Manager, Healthcare IT Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V. “Our collaborative solution approach coupled with the latest AI technologies, facilitates improved patient outcomes while reducing cost.”

To find out more about how The Canon Medical’s automation platform and Vitrea Intelligence can help improve their customers’ operational and diagnostic outcomes, click HERE.