Impressions from ECR Summer Edition | July 13-17, 2022, Vienna

After almost three years of waiting, we could finally return to the ECR in Vienna during the very first on-site summer edition! We were really excited to meet you all in person once again and to showcase our latest imaging innovations.

Impressions ECR

Booth | Expo X3

We attended the on-site ECR with a stunning Booth at Expo X3.

Mobile Imaging Solutions – CT City Hopper | Entrance 2

During ECR you had the opportunity to explore our CT City Hopper – one of the three types of Mobile Imaging Solutions – located at Entrance 2. If you did not pick a copy of the limited edition VISIONS MIS Special magazine, you can also find it HERE on line.

Experience | Foyer B

Also we were present in Foyer B where you could experience Canon Medical to the max with live demonstrations, stage presentations, and learnings from Key Opinion Leaders from all over Europe.

Complimentary onsite


Have you seen our promotional water bottles on site? Throughout the exhibition those were distributed by the ECR. On our booth on Expo X3, you could also (re)fill your bottle.

Picture of your eye

Canon Medical technology enables early detection and diagnosis of various diseases. If you 've visited our Experience centre at Foyer B you might have had a photo taken from the inside of your eye.

VISIONS Magazine issue #38

Complimentary hard copy of the latest VISIONS Magzine #38 were availble either at our booth at Expo X3 or at our Experience centre at the Foyer B.

Book 'Spin to the limit'

Complimentary copies of the book 'Spin to the limit' were available at the Olea Medical stand on our booth at Expo X3.

'AI scientific evidence' brochure

The overview of the scientific evidence of Canon Medical AI solutions was presented in this brochure lists all the scientific references to date. It was available at our Experience centre at Foyer B.

Expert Stage Presentations | Foyer B

At the Canon Medical Area, located in Foyer B, we offered multiple stage presentations from renowned Key Opinion Leaders from all over Europe.
We are honored to have given the stage to:
* Dr. Loizides (Ultrasound)
* Dr. Ferraioli (Ultrasound)
* Prof. Thomas Fischer (Ultrasound)
* Mr. Koen Siefkes (MIS)
* Prof. De Boever (Eye Care)
* Prof. Van Wijmeersch (Eye Care)
Also our industry experts presented on the stage the most appealing technology highlights in short and compact sessions.

Find herewith the full details of the Expert Stage Presentations at the Foyer B

ECR Stage Presentations Program PDF

All sessions were recorded and are available for you to watch them again here.

Watch the presentation recordings

Satellite Lunch Symposium | July 16, 2022 | 12:30-13:30 (CEST) | on-site in Lecture Hall E2 and streamed online

Altivity, Intelligent Healthcare Made Easy

This Satellite Symposium provided you with insights into how AI is used in clinical practice. Introducing Altivity, our bold new approach to AI innovation that uses smart technologies to make a whole new level of quality, insight, and value across the entire care pathway possible.
  • New Horizon in Deep Learning Reconstruction with Super-Resolution Cardiac CT - Dr. Zhou Yu
  • Optimized CT Workflow in Stroke with Deep Learning - Dr. Anton Meijer
  • High-Quality MRI of the Shoulder combined with Deep Learning: With or Without Intra-Articular Contrast - Dr. Jan Veryser

Why watch it again?
  1. To learn about the latest developments in CT Super-Resolution by using Deep Learning Reconstruction
  2. Discover how automated workflow by AI in Stroke imaging enables faster clinical decisions that facilitate better patient outcomes.
  3. To learn how combining new MRI imaging techniques, including Deep Learning Reconstruction, can improve the image quality for shoulder diagnostics using with or without Intra Articular Contrast material

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Moderator: Prof. Mathias Prokop, MD, PhD
Chairman of the Department of Radiology
Radboud University Medical Center
University Medical Center Groningen
Nijmegen, Groningen, the Netherlands

Prof. Mathias Prokop, MD, PhD, is the department head of Imaging (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Anatomy) of Radboudumc in Nijmegen and the Department Head of Radiology at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. He is the current president of the Dutch Society of Radiology (NVvR). Prof. Prokop is an expert in body imaging and multislice CT. Since 2004, he has focused on the early detection of disease, especially lung screening and cardiac imaging and thoracic applications of machine learning. His departments host one of the largest research teams in Europe. Besides main clinical groups that tackle lung, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancer and metabolic disease and vascular malformations, the department's research covers ultrasound, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, and AI, including computer-aided diagnosis and robot-assisted interventions.
Speaker: Dr. Zhou Yu, PhD
Director of CT R&D
Canon Medical Research USA, Inc.
Chicago, USA​

Dr. Yu, Ph.D., is Director of CT R&D at Canon Medical Research USA, Inc. In this role, he leads the strategy and execution of CT research at CMRU. He manages a portfolio of advanced research and product development projects for Canon’s CT product lines.
Zhou is a well-recognized expert on AI and deep learning image reconstruction and has more than 30 patents and 30+ peer-reviewed papers.

Presentation title: New Horizon in Deep Learning Reconstruction with Super-Resolution Cardiac CT
Over the past year, Dr. Yu and his team at Canon Medical have worked together with some of the world’s top cardiac experts on the development of a Super-Resolution Deep Learning Reconstruction (PIQE) algorithm for use in cardiac CT.
In this presentation, Dr. Yu will explain the technology behind PIQE and how it leverages high-resolution detector technology and deep learning algorithms to achieve ultra-high-resolution imaging at today’s clinical dose. Combined with whole-heart single-rotation coverage, he will demonstrate how PIQE offers clinicians the potential for increased clarity and diagnostic confidence in visualizing small vessels, plaques, and fine cardiac structures. ​
Speaker: Dr. Anton Meijer, MD, PhD
Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Dr. Anton Meijer is a radiologist at the Department of Medical Imaging of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, with a specialization in neuroradiology, and emergency radiology. He participates in clinical and research projects in neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. He is involved in the development and clinical implementation of advanced imaging techniques and AI solutions.

Presentation title: Optimized CT Workflow in Stroke with Deep Learning
In the last decade, there is an incremental workload for radiologists in a clinical environment where specialized expertise is demanded. In stroke centers, a 24/7 service is needed for both a fast and accurate diagnostic workup of patients presenting with an acute neurological deficit. This is needed for adequate patient selection for treatment in order to improve the clinical outcome. This puts a great demand on a neuroradiology service, with the application of advanced imaging techniques such as brain CT perfusion and 4D-CTA. Therefore, there is a need for workflow support and for making advanced imaging studies easy to read. This could be achieved by the implementation of automated workflow and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions.
Speaker: Dr. Jan Veryser, MD
Open MRI Zen
Sluis, the Netherlands.

Dr. Jan Veryser is the founder of Open MRI Zen, a private center in the Netherlands dedicated to musculoskeletal radiology. He is an active ESSR member and a member of the Imaging Guided Intervention Subcommittee. Dr. Veryser has a strong focus on musculoskeletal radiology and interventional ultrasound, especially in the field of nerve interventions. He regularly organizes workshops and lectures during international conventions (ECR, Arab Health, etc.) to improve the quality of ultrasound diagnosis and guided treatments.

Presentation title: High-Quality MRI of the Shoulder Combined with Deep Learning: With or Without Intra-Articular Contrast
In this presentation, Dr. Veryser will explain how in shoulder imaging with MRI, it is often necessary to acquire high-resolution images to be able to depict subtle pathologies. Moreover, an intra-articular contrast injection is commonly used to show subtle intra-articular pathologies like glenoid labrum tears, articular sided tears, capsular or ligamentous tears. With the advanced features of the Vantage Galan 3T system, we can effortlessly obtain high-quality images of the shoulder. The higher resolution images can be obtained thanks to Canon’s Deep Learning Reconstruction algorithm AiCE (Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine), while MSOFT provides homogeneous fat saturation in combination with the 16ch coil. Several clinical cases will be presented to demonstrate that with the improved image resolution a contrast injection may not always be necessary where it traditionally was inevitable.


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