Flow fusion is combining the data of multiple sequential OCT-A acquisitions, to enhance the image quality even further. Flow fusion technology will result in high contrast images with a clear flow visualisation , and it will additionally help to eliminate motion artifacts.  This unique technology is based on the unsurpassed short acquisition times and the real-time retinal  tracking of the OCT-HS100.


With the real-time retinal tracking control of the OCT-HS100, up to 9  consecutive acquisitions can be captured at an identical position.

A special repeat acquisition mode will minimise the variation in position between these consecutive acquisitions.

The result of the flow fusion technology is a fantastic image quality where also any motion artifacts will be eliminated.

Flow Fusion is also useful for difficult patients that cannot tolerate be scanned for more than just a few seconds.   OCT-A data captured with same parameters on same day and same position can also be averaged! This means that acquisitions could even be done in multiple sessions ; easier for the patient and resulting in better results! With flow fusion; several quick , but lower resolution scans can be combined into one good image !