Milestones in the history of Canon Medical Systems' diagnostic ultrasound products


First ultrasound system with A-mode.

Compound scanner with B-mode display.

Linear-array scanning system that made it possible to clearly depict abdominal images in real time through the use of an electronic array transducer.

Electronic sector scanning system that also supported ECG and M-mode display.

Compact system that provided clear images and contributed significantly to the spread of the use of ultrasound examinations.

The incorporation of electronic sector scanning capability in this system permitted real-time B-mode images and pulsed Doppler images at an arbitrary point to be observed simultaneously using a single transducer.
1982SAL-50A / SDL-01A

This system enabled Doppler examination of the abdominal vasculature using electronic linear scanning.
1983SAL-32A / 32B

Compact portable system that could be moved to the patient's bedside for examination.

First cardiac color Doppler system supporting clear depiction of blood flow in the heart in colors.
1986Cumulative total of electronic scanning systems shipped reaches 30,000.

Compact system with linear, convex and mechanical sector scanning capabilities.

Compact color system with a wide variety of functions.
1989Cumulative total of electronic scanning systems shipped reaches 50,000.

This dedicated black-and-white imaging system with high B-mode image quality had a distinct and innovative style.

Slim black-and-white system.
1993Power Vision

Top-of-the-line color system incorporating a digital beam former. Later evolved into PowerVision 7000.

Simple, easy-to-operate, entry-level color system aimed at users with black-and-white systems.
This system, which used the catch phrase "Turn to Color", contributed to the spread of the use of color Doppler systems.
1996Cumulative total of electronic scanning systems shipped reaches 100,000.
1998Power Vision 6000

Compact version of PowerVision with the same high performance.

Premium model with new platform and revolutionary image quality.

Compact midrange system incorporating premium-class functions.

High-end model with platform migrated from Aplio.

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