Aplio i-Series Delivers Optimal Imaging Clarity to Support Confident Diagnoses

Offering health care providers a more cost-effective, less invasive and safer solution than traditional imaging modalities, Canon Medical’s Aplio i-series is a highly advanced ultrasound solution made up of Aplio i600, Aplio i700, Aplio i800 and Aplio i900. All systems include iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power and help healthcare providers to see and do more. iBeam, a beam-forming technology, optimizes efficiency of the beam, increasing resolution compared to previous systems, and the i-series systems offer advanced clinical applications, including ultra-high frequency transducers up to 33Mhz*. Radiologists can also enjoy crystal-clear images needed for fast and reliable musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging, while a comprehensive contrast imaging package** allows them to characterize focal liver lesions. Shear Wave elastography allows clinicians to non-invasively assess inflammation and steatosis of the liver, while Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) captures low velocity blood flow to help clinicians increase detection of low flow velocity in and around areas such as tumors and lymph nodes. More information available here and booth #1933 during RSNA 2019.

New Aplio a-series Delivers Ultrasound Market Advanced Technology, Ergonomics and Multipurpose Use at Attainable Price Point

The Aplio a-series is a new line of ultrasound systems delivering high performance for multiple clinical uses at an affordable price point. Designed with the imaging, ergonomics and workflow capabilities of Canon Medical’s premium ultrasound systems in mind, the Aplio a-series, which includes the a550 and a450, covers a broad range of clinical areas, from cardiology to women’s health for routine day-to-day excellence. Features of the a-series product line include:

  • High-end image quality that seamlessly integrates into workflow for a wide range of everyday imaging needs, including high-resolution 2D imaging and volumetric ultrasound.
  • Support for sonographers’ health with intuitive controls for easy operation and ergonomics which may reduce operator stress for various patient exams with help from Canon Medical’s Healthy Sonographer™ Program — a CME-accredited training and web support offering.
  • Wide range of qualitative and quantitative tools thanks to iSense technology which enables easy operation and objective, reproducible results. Advanced applications like iSMI and Differential Tissue Harmonics, available on the Aplio a550, provide clinicians with the ability to meet a range of clinical needs.


More information available here and booth #1933 during RSNA.

*Not available on the Aplio i600
**Only available on Aplio i800 and Aplio i900