Service Engineer XR (CMSNL)

To strengthen our Technical Support Group within Canon Medical Systems Netherlands we announce the following vacancy in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands:

Service Engineer XR (M/F)

Key result areas:

  • Is responsible for the execution of installation activities with regard to medical equipment on customer locations.
  • Performs modification, service, repair and maintenance activities with regard to medical equipment on customer locations.
  • Informs the Technical Support Specialist about structural problems with regard to medical equipment on customer locations.
  • Analyses problems put forward by users in the field and (co-)describes alternative solutions. Uses internal and external sources for this. Sees to it that alternative solutions for problems put forward by users in the field and specifications about product modifications are stored in the relevant databases.
  • Keeps up to date with regard to all the relevant technical developments and modifications of the medical equipment concerned. Investigates all relevant consequences ensuing from this.
  • Answers questions from colleagues about technical developments, modifications and product specifications.



  • Qualifications and experience
  • MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education)-level in a technical field.
  • Excellent knowledge of all the relevant medical equipment.
  • Knowledge of the activities in the department.
  • Knowledge of all the relevant guidelines, procedures, legislation and regulations, etc.
  • Knowlegde of the Dutch language, some knowledge of English and German


Specific requirements:

  • Independence with regard to: executing all the service activities with a considerable damage risk (both material and immaterial) and (co-)solving all the corresponding problems ensuing from this.
  • Good interpersonal skills (diplomacy, listening skills, persuasiveness, being able to solve problems, etc.) to perform the activities on customer locations in difficult circumstances, at times.
  • Good oral proficiency to consult with colleagues; maintain contacts with customers.
  • Good writing skills to process all the information concerned in databases.
  • Perceptivity when seeing to it that the service activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant guidelines, procedures, quality requirements, legislation and regulations, etc.
  • Perseverance when solving problems.
  • Representativeness when dealing with customers.
  • Immune to stress when having to realise the objectives within the terms agreed upon.


For more information please contact Tjapko van den Berg, Manager Service,
or Rob Brumleve, Supervisor Service,

Please send your application by e-mail to Claudia Schmidt, Human Resources Advisor: