Join Canon Medical at ESSR 2024 in Lugano

Join us for the European Society of Skeletal Radiology (ESSR) annual meeting in Lugano (6–8 June 2024). During these days, we will showcase our latest advancements in ultrasound technology at the Canon Medical Systems booth.
Meet our team for a live demonstration to understand how these innovations can benefit your practice.

Canon Medical also means peer-to-peer education. On June 7, you are welcome to attend our symposium on the latest trends and innovations in musculoskeletal imaging, "Elevating MSK Ultrasound Scanning," with Prof. Carlo Martinoli and Dr. Lionel Pesquer.

Visit our booth, meet our team, and join us at the symposium to learn more about Canon Medical's solutions and how they can support your clinical needs.

Elevating MSK Ultrasound Scanning | Program

13:00–14:00 (CEST) | Room B

Title: Elevating MSK Ultrasound Scanning

This program offers a comprehensive exploration of the complex anatomy and imaging techniques involved in ultrasound examination of the midfoot and wrist.

Led by Prof. Carlo Martinoli and Dr. Lionel Pesquer, the session will delve into the intricate and tiny structures of the midfoot and wrist, providing participants with a detailed understanding of anatomy.

You will leave with a comprehensive understanding of midfoot and wrist ultrasound imaging, empowering you to apply this knowledge effectively in your clinical practice.

  • An Ultrasound Journey Around the Midfoot and its Complexity | Prof. Carlo Martinoli
  • Hi-Resolution Ultrasound of Wrist Ligaments | Dr. Lionel Pesquer
  • Live Q&A
Why Should You Attend

  • Become familiar with the complex anatomy of the midfoot and wrist
  • Learn the ultrasound appearance and scanning techniques used to evaluate this anatomical region
  • Master tricks and tips in order to improve your scanning technique
  • Identify the main injury patterns
  • Participate in the Q&A to find answers to your questions


Speaker: Prof. Carlo Martinoli, MD Radiologist
IRCCS San Martino University Hospital
Genoa, Italy

Presentation: An Ultrasound Journey Around the Midfoot and Its Complexity

Conventionally, the foot has been divided into three main anatomic areas: the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot.
Although midfoot pathology is less common than that affecting the hindfoot and forefoot, it is crucial to understand and be familiar with the intricate anatomy of this region.

As technology progresses, high-resolution ultrasound has become increasingly important in the assessment of a variety of conditions of the midfoot affecting tendons and their retinacula, ligaments, intrinsic muscles, neurovascular structures, bones, joints, and other regional soft tissues.

Knowledge of the basic ultrasound anatomy and scanning technique of the midfoot is essential for accurate image analysis and interpretation.

Speaker: Dr. Lionel Pesquer, MD Radiologist
Enosis - Clinique du Sport de Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France

Presentation: Hi-Resolution Ultrasound of Wrist Ligaments

Wrist ligament injuries are common in daily practice, especially after traumas, and can cause chronic disabilities, especially in athletes. Hi-resolution ultrasound is often required to diagnose soft tissue abnormalities as it is a widely available technique, and recent advances in technology have improved its diagnosis accuracy.

However, a good knowledge of anatomic ligaments and a correct scanning technique are mandatory to allow a precise diagnosis.

This presentation aims to remind the audience of the main ligamentous structures of the wrist, describe tricks and tips for assessing them with the most recent probes, and discuss the strengths and limits of ultrasound.


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