Full Auto Non-Mydriatic
Retinal Camera

Introducing Effortless Retinal Imaging

Get ready to take your retinal imaging to the next level with our full Auto Non-Mydriatic Retinal camera. Equipped with Canon high-resolution imaging technology, a fast and efficient image acquisition system, and a compact, user-friendly design, this camera is the ultimate retinal imaging solution for eye care professionals.

Small Footprint and Flexible Layout

The CR-10 is the perfect solution for any space, offering a compact design that can easily fit in a corner or against a wall. Its small footprint allows for efficient use of space without compromising on functionality. Additionally, the flexible layout of the CR-10 allows the operation touch screen to be conveniently placed on any side of the device, ensuring optimal usability and ease of use for all users.

Auto Focus with Next Generation technology

Our innovative auto focus technology represents the next generation of focusing capabilities. With lightning fast speed and unparalleled accuracy, it can easily and efficiently focus, even on small pupils. Say goodbye to blurry retinal images and hello to crystal clear clarity with our CR-10 auto focus solution.

One-Touch Operation

Effortless Examination with One-Touch Operation
With our CR-10, you can simply tap on the screen and the examination for both eyes will be completed automatically and in a very short time.

External Eye Auto Alignment and Tracking
Our advanced Canon technology ensures that the CR-10 automatically finds and maintains the correct center position for accurate observations.

Photometric Auto Exposure
Experience optimal observation conditions with our unique Photometric Auto Exposure feature. It intelligently adjusts the intensity of the observation light and flash in real time, based on the reflected light from the retina. This means you will always have correct exposure, regardless of your ethnicity or pupil size. Enjoy consistent and accurate imaging results every time.

Audio guidance

The CR-10 offers audio guidance to help guide the patient through the entire examination process, starting from the initial alignment until the retinal image is captured. The optional feature of audio guidance ensures a smooth workflow and helps both the patient and the operator navigate through the procedure with ease. Furthermore, the device supports multiple languages, allowing for easy communication and usability with patients from different linguistic backgrounds. This versatility makes the CR-10 a highly suitable choice for various eye care clinical settings.

Excellent ergonomics

The CR-10 is designed with excellent ergonomics in mind. The forehead rest features a five-degree tilt to make it more comfortable for the patient to maintain their forehead against the rest. This helps to reduce any discomfort and improve patient collaboration during the imaging process, resulting in a more efficient and successful retinal imaging. The thoughtful design of the CR-10 is just one of the ways that Canon prioritizes patient comfort.

Simplified Connectivity

Say goodbye to complicated setups and multiple cables. The CR-10 offers a hassle-free connection experience with its USB-C cable. With just one cable, you can easily connect the CR-10 to your PC, simplifying both PC requirements and installation. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient workflow with our simplified connectivity solution.


Photography angle 45 degrees / 30 degrees digital
Required Pupil 4.0 / (3.3 ) mm
Diopter range -13D ~ +12D (standard)
-31D ~ –10D
+11D ~ +33D
Resolution 32.5 MP / Center resolution : 63 lines/mm or more
Photography Mode Color/Digital Red-free/Digital cobalt Anterior
Working Distance 35 mm
Internal fixation lamp LED Dot matrix
Observation light source IR LED
Photo light source White LED
Operation Touchscreen
Observation light source IR LED
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 335 x 490 x 473
Weight 20 kg
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