A personalized, highly contextualized diagnostic viewer.

The Diagnostic Viewer has a flexible, customizable user interface that keeps patient data organized for easy access and a better reading experience. A complete solution for primary diagnosis and reading, the Diagnostic Viewer may help to improve patient care by maximizing productivity and increasing diagnostic accuracy.

Flexible and customizable user interface for diagnostic physicians, such as radiologists

Customizable toolbars, menus, and shortcuts across all modules
Advanced hanging protocols, including intelligent management of relevant priors
Support for interrupted workflow, real-time session collaboration, and multi-disciplinary team meetings

Clinically advanced functionality to help improve diagnostic accuracy

Offers full-fidelity, multi-modality diagnostic reading with a full range of 2D and 3D tools, including Mammography and Fusion expansion modules

Read studies from local or remote environments with uncompromised image quality and performance

Adaptive streaming technology and server-side rendering enables fast and efficient access, even at low bandwidths

Patient Study Browser for historical patient overview synchronized with image display

View the patient’s complete imaging history and choose to view relevant priors

Third-party worklist management and reporting tools integration

Integrates with most worklist and reporting tools to support a seamless diagnostic workflow

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