Optical Coherence Tomography

Xephilio OCT-A1

Xephilio OCT-A1 the latest Canon Medical High Resolution 3um optical coherence tomography for outstanding performance and exceptional ease of use you can rely on every day. High definition imaging quality and a host of automated features optimize and simplify your examinations with fast acquisition times while increasing your patients efficiency and comfort.

High Resolution OCT

Xephilio OCT-A1 offers superb image quality. The 3 micron optical resolution ( 1.6 μm digital) enables excellent differentiation of structures and individual layers of the retina.

A complete exam with just 3 clicks

Examinations with the Xephilio OCT-A1 are extremely simple and therefore easy to delegate. With just 3 mouse clicks, scans be acquired. A complete range of intelligent functions enables fully automated examinations. In addition the auto-re-scan function intervenes if a patient makes unwanted eye movements and automatically compensates for any motion artefacts.

Automated anterior tracking

After clicking with the mouse on just roughly the center of the pupil, the OCT-A1 's automated anterior tracking will take over and will automatically detect and maintain the exact center, even when the patient is making eye movements or blinking.

Automatic image optimization

A second mouse click will initiate the scanning and the device will automatically optimize the focus and coherence gate for the highest signal quality and the best possible examination results. After confirmation of the pre-view scan images, the third click will start the actual acquisition which only takes seconds.

Real-time retinal tracking

The OCT-A1 is equipped with a Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope. This SLO system allows for real-time retinal tracking. By detecting and compensating movements, the impact of small involuntary movements that could cause motion artefacts is greatly reduced and image quality is greatly improved.

High Image resolution

With Xephilio OCT-A1, up to 200 scans can be averaged to achieve an image resolution that allows you to see in detail both the layer structure as well as the vitreous pleated structure. The device combines high resolution image with a particularly wide scan width of up to 13 mm!

Enhanced depth visualization

For optimal imaging, the system offers special scan modes for both vitreous and choroid imaging.

Reliable 10 layer recognition

Canon’s Xephilio OCT-A1 can automatically detect and distinguish 10 layers of the retina – including Bruch’s membrane (BM).

Anterior imaging

With the optional Anterior Segment Adapter ASA-1, the 3 micron resolution of Xephilio OCT-A1 also gives you the ability to image the anterior segment of the eye in great resolution. The width of Anterior scans can be 6 or 9 mm.

OCT Angiography

With the optional Angio Expert software module, the OCT-A1 can provide you with amazing OCTA images, showing the great optical qualities of the device.

3D Visualization

The unique optical characterics of the OCT-A1 also provide a very strong 3D visualization. The 3D images can support the clinical diagnosis and could be used for patient education as well.


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The New Retinal Imaging Reality

Since COVID-19, the requirement of physical distancing during patient examinations is the new “reality” in Eye Care practices. The reason why Canon Medical Systems has been investigating several solutions for you and your patient safety while performing an OCT eye examination. Canon Xephilio OCT-A1 will allow you to have multiple possibilities to operate the device in a completely safe way, mainly due to the fact that the device does not require a joystick and can be operated from any PC and with just a few clicks! Your patients will also appreciate seeing that the examinations can be done safely from a few meters away, or even from another room or location.
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