Mobile Imaging


The ever-changing healthcare environment comes with many challenges for manufacturers. The growing demand for flexible solutions is where we can contribute to the industry and offer different mobile imaging solutions to cover hospital, clinical and patient needs.

To bridge new equipment installations, temporary high workloads, or long term additional capacity, we provide mobile solutions according to our customer's wishes.

Our fleet of mobile imaging solutions is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. All that is required to take advantage of a mobile solution is sufficient parking and power facilities. Together with our customers we find out what is required, whether this is a rapid response unit to be shipped overseas, a relocatable to be connected to a clinic or a mobile trailer commuting between hospital locations.
  • Latest model CT scanner
  • Latest Vitrea Advance Visualization software
  • Newest technology
  • Latest software versions
  • European Service Network
  • Local application support


Rapid Response units

  • Affordable
  • Super quick deployment
  • Emergency service
  • Transported quickly and easily
  • Placement Anywhere
  • High performance 160 slice CT scanner, Aquilion Prime SP/ Aquilion Lightning SP 
  • Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) 
Rapid Response units

Mobile Trailers

  • Easy to deliver, even to remote locations by road transport
  • Expandable trailer
  • Flexible on the road
  • Self-supporting clinical unit
  • Separate access for patients
  • With a lift for patients with limited mobility
  • Spacious changing and control room
  • High performance 160 slice CT scanner, Aquilion Prime SP/ Aquilion Lightning SP
  • Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)
  • Vitrea Advanced Visualization software

Mobile Trailers



Providing tailor-made and flexible solutions for everybody who is in need of reliable and cost-efficient medical imaging equipment.


Ensuring continuation of global healthcare by providing tailor-made mobile imaging solutions during challenging, high-demanding periods of time.
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