Scatter Correction
Excellent image contrast without a grid

Experience ultralight digital radiography

Faster workflow with reduced stress and reduced radiation dose

Use a grid or select Scatter Correction; you are always in control and the choice is yours as the situation demands.
Canon digital radiography provides the versatility, and years of imaging expertise provides the following benefits:

  • Significantly lower X-ray dose compared to imaging with a grid
  • Superior image contrast without the need for a grid
  • Improved workflow: no need to carry, fit, position and remove a grid
  • Enhanced efficiency: no repeat exposures due to grid misalignments and resulting artefacts
  • Potential to improve patient comfort in bed examinations as the imaging receptor is thinner without a grid fitted

No grid necessary

Reduce detector handling weight by up to 30%

Scatter Correction software improves workflow by reducing the number of process steps required whilst also reducing the physical manual handling burden on radiographic personnel. Although the latest Canon detectors are some of the lightest available, fitting a grid still adds approximately 1 kg more. Scatter Correction instantly eliminates this unwanted additional weight.
Using the ultralight Canon CXDI-710C Wireless detector fitted with an anti-scatter grid totals 3.3 kg compared to 2.3 kg when using Scatter Correction - that’s a 30% weight reduction.

No more retakes!

Eliminate grid misalignments and artefacts

Scatter Correction users experience the convenience of radiography without a grid and without grid alignment challenges that can lead to repeat patient exposure.

Clinical Gallery

High contrast images without using a grid

Canon’s Scatter Correction reduces the effect of scattered radiation for non-grid bedside examinations, allowing you to obtain images with outstanding contrast while avoiding the grid handling and improving your workflow. Where a grid physically reduces scatter and thereby increases the image contrast, the software mimics this process virtually. The software works by creating a scatter model, which is subsequently subtracted from the image. The result is an image with reduced scatter and increased contrast.


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