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Interventional Cardiology departments are faced with increasing clinical demands, financial pressures, and the need for improved efficiency as the number and complexity of cases increase. To meet these challenges, we have introduced Alphenix / Evolve Edition.

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Alphenix solutions for interventional cardiology

Better integrated cardiac-optimized technologies help you deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients.

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Visualize features and devices as never before

An improved imaging chain with new hardware and software technologies provide you with faster and more assured visualization. Superimpose 3D volume data on the live fluoro display to safely see and deploy devices with confidence.


Navigate with confidence and accuracy

Alphenix’s improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during stent placement or ablation procedures.



Smoother procedures start with better planning

Comprehensive planning tools allow for quick and intuitive analysis prior to procedures such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement. Coronary tools feature automatic contour detection in both 2D and 3D, cross-section analysis, and stent enhancement that suppresses surrounding anatomical structures and background noise.


Enhanced workflow to give you greater control and flexibility

Alphenix floor- and ceiling-mounted C-arms support complex cardiology procedures with an unprecedented range of patient access and full-body coverage. The new tableside Alphenix Tablet gives you control right at your fingertips to deliver a faster, more seamless and richer work experience. The new feature-rich Alphenix Workstation better integrates applications to help you plan, analyze and perform interventional procedures.


Optimise your cathlab workflow


QMAPP® Hemodynamic Monitoring

Advanced solution for optimizing the cath lab workflow, from monitoring to comprehensive reporting.
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Alphenix Unispot: Organize the control room, simplify the workflow

Alphenix Unispot can manage multiple image sources with one keyboard and mouse, keeping the layout of the control room organized. The medical grade 32 inch monitor delivers high quality images with fine details to meet your clinical needs and simplify workflows.


Comprehensive dose management tools benefit patients and clinical staff

Advanced hardware significantly reduces patient dose and scatter radiation offering greater protection for the patient and clinical staff. Real-time software tools help eliminate unnecessary exposure to minimize dose and improve workflow. Enhanced dose tracking tools allow real-time estimated peak skin dose monitoring and archiving. Real-time monitoring and visualization of dose allows the operator to choose a different approach during a long procedure, such as CTO or PCI, to avoid regions where dose thresholds have been exceeded.


The smart investment choice

Whatever your clinical needs, versatile space-saving configurations make refitting existing suites an economical option. Alphenix systems seamlessly integrate into your HIS and PACS networks. Improvements in functionality, speed and workflow efficiency boost system utilization and productivity. In addition, lower energy consumption, flexible upgrade options and Canon Medical’s industry-recognized customer service, all help you get the best out the system once installed.

Detector size choices

Alphenix interventional angiography systems are available with a choice of flat panel detectors sizes to suit your coverage needs.

8”x8” (20cm x 20cm)
Compact detector ideal for dedicated cardiac procedures.

12”x12” (30cm x 30cm)
Offers a good balance between anatomical coverage and projection flexibility in mixed applications.

12”x16” (30cm x 40cm)
The size of choice for angiography when a larger field size is required.

Table choices

Multiple table options are available that facilitate positioning flexibility and clinical procedure to support your needs.

  Testimonial (Prof. Laurent Feldman, Bichat Hospital in France)


Prof. Laurent Feldman, professor of Cardiology at Paris University and director of the coronary cathlab at Bichat Hospital in France, is struck by the numerous benefits brought by the Alphenix Core + that was recently installed at his practise. Canon’s cardiovascular intervention system enables to significantly reduce dose with game changing features like Spot ROI and Live Zoom, and to ease procedures while smoothly integrating with the hospital’s digital workflow.

Continue reading his full testimonial on our VISIONS Magazine or watch his presentation at EuroPCR 2021.

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Cardiac Clinical Case Education (India Live 2020 Canon Master Live)

Register to watch world renown cardiologist, Dr. Osamu Katoh from Toyohashi Heart Center, perform live pre-recorded cardiac cases and interview using our Alphenix Interventional cardiology system
Testimonial Dr. Osamu Katoh

Live Cardiac Case Procedure 1

This recorded live case was taken at India’s largest interventional cardiology event, led by Toyohashi Heart Center’s Dr. Osamu Katoh, a Japan-based world renowned cardiologist, who gave a live case demonstration with our Alphenix from the hospital’s operation room.

Live Cardiac Case Procedure 2

Toyohashi Heart Center’s Dr. Osamu Katoh, a Japan-based world renowned cardiologist, finishes up the case demonstrated he started at India Live, using our Alphenix from his hospital’s operation room.

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Leading Solutions for Your Interventions

“The Alphenix Core + Provides Great Features and Lower Dose.”
Prof. Laurent Feldman, Bichat Hospital, Paris, France.
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Enhancing PCI Among the Largest, Best Equipped Cardiovascular Centers in Japan.

“Stent enhance mode makes seeing the stent clearly, showing its positional relationships with the balloon, thereby helping to ensure a successful outcome.”
Dr. Yasuhide Asaumi Chief Physician
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Innovative High Definition (Hi-Def) Imaging System for Complex Interventional Cardiology Procedures

Andrew Kuhls-Gilcrist, PhD, DABR, Dale Marek, RT(R), Mark Hohn, Yiemeng Hoi, PhD Medical Affairs, Interventional X-ray, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.
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The Alphenix Biplane Cardiac Solution: Toyohashi Heart Center Delivers High Image Quality and Lower Dose Exposure

Dr. Kenya Nasu, Director of Cardiovascular Medicine
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The Next Advance Is Now in Sight Alphenix Biplane

Kenya Nasu, MD, Department of Cardiology, Toyohashi Heart Center, Aichi, Japan
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