3rd Harmonic Imaging

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3rd Harmonic Imaging (3-HI) is a technology that utilizes the frequency components of the ultrasound beam at three times the transmitted frequency.
Developmentally, to extract the 3rd harmonic components from the huge quantity of received signals, an AI filter for 3rd harmonic was designed using deep learning that allows the effective extraction and utilization of the 3rd harmonic signal.
Using the 3rd harmonic sharpens the received beam, reduces multiple reflections and sidelobes, and achieves B-mode images with less noise in the vessel lumen and clearer tissue structures around the vessel.

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B-mode image quality has progressed from fundamental imaging, to imaging technology based on harmonics, initially with second harmonic imaging.
More recently, Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging (D-THI) which is a technology unique to Canon achieved superior image quality. Now Canon has taken this a step further and developed 3rd Harmonic Imaging which allows us to achieve even higher image quality by constructing images using the 3rd harmonic. Listen as a Canon engineer explains the pathway to development of the 3rd Harmonic Imaging technology.

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Clinical Images

The use of the 3rd harmonic component reduces artifacts and increases the distance resolution due to broader frequency band of transmission and reception.

Customer experience

In this video, Hirofumi Kogure, MD, PhD from Nihon University School of Medicine, Japan, as he describes how 3rd Harmonic Imaging can help the diagnosis of the field of Gastroenterology.

“Clear black and clear line definition are important for pancreatobiliary. 3-HI impression was good.”

Prof. Hirofumi Kogure
Nihon University School of Medicine,
Tokyo, Japan

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“The image itself has clearly changed between the 2nd harmonic and 3rd harmonic.”

Prof. Yoshiki Hirooka
Fujita Medical University,
Aichi, Japan
“3-HI is a good tool for organs like gallbladder, pancreatic head and body. Multiple reflectors were reduced in the ducts.”

Dr. Shinji Okaniwa
Iida Municipal Hospital,
Nagano, Japan
“We can confirm more clearly cholesterol polyps when we using the 3rd harmonic, compared with 2nd harmonic.”

Dr. Masahiro Ogawa
Nihon University,
Tokyo, Japan

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