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Insights Results

Easy information sharing across the care team

Insights Results is an automatic result module hosted by Automation Platform. It collects and displays all the results for one study, generated by all the individual post-processing applications. It enables sharing of qualitative and quantitative DICOM-compliant reports with relevant care teams.
  • Concise summary of analysis results
  • Can also be viewed on PCs and smartphones in PDF format via email
  • Highlights alerts from applications

  • Informational purpose only, not for diagnostic use.
  • Currently Insights Results does not support iPE application

Partner Testimonials

“We anticipate a faster and improved workflow in acute stroke imaging with the Automation Platform, as well as support for the radiologist in making the correct diagnosis and to aid the clinicians in treatment decision-making.”
Dr. Anton Meijer, Neuroradiologist, Radboudumc.

Dr. Anton Meijer is a radiologist at the Department of Radiology of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with specialization in neuro-, head and neck, and emergency radiology. He participates in clinical and research projects in imaging in neurovascular and neurodegenerative diseases
“Automated processing of brain CT perfusion can offer time savings and provide crucial information in order to confirm the diagnosis of ischemic stroke and to estimate tissue viability.”
Dr. Ruud Becks, Radiologist, Radboudumc

Dr. Ruud Becks is a Radiologist at the Department of Medical Imaging of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. He is currently completing a fellowship in neuroradiology with special interest in neurovascular imaging and protocol optimization. In cooperation with Dr. Anton Meijer, Dr. Becks is involved in the evaluation of different AI-solutions in Stroke.
An endorsement from Dr. Kenneth Snyder, MD, PhD, FACS, FAANS; Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences; Gates Vascular Institute, Jacobs Institute, Buffalo, NY
An endorsement from Dr. Hiroyuki Kawano, Kyorin University, Japan
“After the CT scan, all the rest is automated. This clearly reduces technicians’ workload. (Automation Platform) enables physicians to anticipate how long it may take to complete the process from scanning to image analysis, alleviating wait-time stress for physicians.
I expect a lot from Automation Platform in terms of improved workflow, particularly in the beginning stages of treatment for acute stroke patients who need fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.”
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