COVID-19 support

Here at Canon Medical, we are doing everything we can to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your operations.

This is a pandemic of unprecedented proportions, but we are working tirelessly to provide you with the support you need to continue delivering high-quality care to your patients.
Even in the midst of challenging times such as these, we remain your committed partner, guided by our Made for Life Philosophy.
Our goal is to let nothing stand between you and the important work you do, which is why we continue to expedite the delivery of parts and products, sustain our manufacturing output and implement mobile solutions where possible.
We will also continue to monitor the situation carefully, both in Japan and around the world, and will provide relevant updates as they are made available.


Healthcare has clearly undergone a complete change in recent months. Old ways of working are obsolete, long waiting lists have arisen for regular care patients with the need for critical treatments, which only increases the workload for your organization. In addition, investments are being postponed or are under pressure.

It is abundantly clear that it is now an absolute necessity to prepare for working in the new (imaging) reality. A reality where patients are optimally protected, risks are minimized and resources need to be optimized.

We are committed to helping you by offering:
– solutions to increase your workflow
– practical and flexible rental and mobile solutions that are immediately ready for use
– financially friendly solutions
and much, much more.

Canon Medical’s Made for Life philosophy is a long-standing commitment towards our partners, patients and you. And as befits a real partnership, we are also here to advise and help you adapt to the New Imaging Reality.

Read further down below this page on how we can help you.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s how resilient and adaptable the global healthcare industry is. Even in the midst of higher workloads, longer waiting lists, and lower investment returns, it’s clear to see that all is definitely not lost.

With this new reality comes the opportunity to forge a new path, to work together in pursuit of a healthcare system that’s dynamic, efficient and centred around your patients. At Canon Medical, we’re here to help you navigate this new normal with solutions that streamline your workflow and increase your business’s cost efficiencies.

You can learn more about these solutions at our virtual ECR 2020 booth, we are again showcasing a range of new and exciting innovations across every modality.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Webinar : Preparing IR for COVID-19

Watch as Dr Apoorva, the senior consultant in the department of vascular and interventional radiology at the Singapore general hospital, shares his experience on how best to prepare IR for COVID-19 patients.

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Webinar : The “New Routine” for Radiology post Coronavirus peak

Prof. Hamm, Prof. Fischer, Dr. Niehues, and Dr. Diekhoff  from the Charité University Hospital in Berlin share how they continued to provide optimal patient care, while developing new ways of working, during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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Webinar : MR in the post COVID era

Hear from leading clinicians as they discuss the importance of MRI in a post-COVID-19 world.

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Webinar : COVID-19 Impact and Experiences

The COVID-19 crisis is perhaps the first global pandemic that has called upon the radiology community to help with the delivery of crucial frontline patient care. Watch the full webinar below to find out how three major European hospitals have utilized diagnostic imaging to detect and monitor the virus in real-time.

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“The entire Canon team and all the internal and external partners involved in this project have our gratitude. You are doing the hardest part and we will do everything possible on our side to make this beautiful facility a reality for the benefit of the patients.”
“Can I personally thank you and your Canon colleagues for all the hard work that’s going on behind the scenes. Even though none of you work for the NHS, I consider you all part of the family…the NHS isn’t just doctors and nurses.”
“We contacted Canon, the supplier of our current CT scanner, at an early stage of the Corona pandemic. They immediately released a suitable scanner for the hospital and contributed to the placement. It took a lot of thinking, hard labor and tight coordination to get it installed. The job was completed within 10 days. As medical leader of the Radiology department, I am extremely proud of this achievement.”
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