Alphenix / Evolve Edition

Interventional Cardiology departments are faced with increasing clinical demands, financial pressures, and the need for improved efficiency as the number and complexity of cases increase. To meet these challenges, we have introduced Alphenix / Evolve Edition.

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Redefine Intervention

The Alphenix family of angiography systems with enhanced workflow and a new set of features allows a faster, more seamless and richer work experience. An improved imaging chain delivers high-quality images and a full complement of fully customizable imaging tools. Industry-leading advanced dose management technologies help protect patients and clinical staff. Redefine what is possible in intervention.

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MyVisit - Virtual Site Visit

COVID-19 was changing the entire world.
The importance of technology in our lives has never been more apparent than during this pandemic. They are playing a crucial role in securing the continuity of our business in the time of lockdowns, quarantines, difficult access to hospitals and customer contacts.
Healthcare was and still is under huge pressure, resulting in a long waiting list for patients in which flexibility is required.

This pandemic has also shown the importance of digital readiness, which we fortunately quickly integrated into Canon Medical.
That’s why this MyVisit platform was developed for you!

Discover all about our Alphenix Core + and the Alphenix 4D CT now in 3D or request a demo from Canon Medical, to guide you through the 360˚ of this MyVisit platform.



MyVisit - Virtual Site Visit

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Testimonials, white papers, and articles about interventional radiology, cardiology, and neuroendovascular from users of Canon Medical Systems' vascular systems

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International Recognition

Innovative Technology Designation

The Alphenix family of angiography systems has received the Innovative Technology Designation for two leading Group Purchasing Organizations in the US. These groups recognize the potential of the technology to enhance clinical care, patient safety and healthcare worker safety, as well as improve the business operations of the healthcare institution.

Read Press Release on July 31, 2019 here Read Press Release on June 11, 2019 here

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