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Diagnostic Imaging is well-established in veterinary medicine and can provide veterinarians and pet owners with a more comprehensive diagnosis and improved clinical outcomes.

At Canon Medical, we make veterinary imaging simple and affordable.

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Aquilion Lightning

Premium CT Performance. Smart Veterinary Investment.

With the industry’s widest CT gantry, dedicated VET CT protocols and industry-leading technology, Canon Medical makes integrating CT into your veterinary practice simple and affordable with the Aquilion Lightning CT.

The Aquilion Lightning has been intelligently engineered to lower energy consumption and installation space and our tailored service offerings help manage the total cost of life.

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Ease of use

Industry’s Widest CT Gantry

The spacious 78cm wide bore and 47cm wide couch are designed to better accommodate anaesthetized animals and associated equipment to optimize clinical workflow.

Industry-Leading Technology

Industry's Thinnest slices

Small animals and structures need higher resolution and thinner slices

With the industry’s thinnest slices, the Aquilion Lightning is the perfect fit for small animal imaging.

Featuring the industry’s thinnest slices, the Aquilion Lightning delivers high resolution 0.5mm CT imaging for resolving the finest of structures.

With optimized imaging performance and the latest innovative technology, it provides you with greater clinical confidence and ensures a future-proof investment.

Standing Equine CT Solution

Another Revolution in Standing Resolution

Qalibra and Canon Medical have partnered to introduce a unique standing equine CT system to the market.

The Canon Medical Aquilion Large Bore CT is mounted on a movable platform. The platform allows high-quality imaging of the standing horse's distal limb, head, and proximal neck. Under general anesthesia any volume under 90cm can be imaged.

The unique design ensures the safety of the horse at all times and its versatility enables the generation of high-quality imaging. This innovation in equine CT will boost the use of CT in equine orthopedics and allow veterinarians to better understand pathologies and develop new treatment options.

“ I believe this setup of gantry and platform will powerboost the use of CT in Equine Medicine.”

- Dr. Filip Vandenberghe,
Bosdreef Equine Referral Hospital, Moerbeke-Waas,

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VISIONS Magazine - Veterinary Special Edition

VISIONS magazine is a publication of Canon Medical Europe and is offered free of charge to health professionals, with articles covering a full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions, for humans and animals.

In this Veterinary Special Edition, we have assembled assorted articles on veterinary equipment and diagnosis across multiple modalities, including CT, Ultrasound and MRI, to address the ever-increasing demand for high-quality animal healthcare.

Find out some highlights below and download a copy of the magazine for a good read.
  • Improving ‘standards of care’ in CT for animals: split-bolus single-pass multi-phased abdominal CT
  • Pushing the Boundaries in Veterinary Diagnostics
  • A Plant Foreign Material within the Lacrimal Sac as a Cause of Recurrent Epiphora and Dacryocystitis in a Dog
Download the VISIONS magazine Veterinary Special Edition

Smart Veterinary CT Investment

Service offerings tailored to your needs

Canon Medical’s remote diagnostic services, preventative maintenance routines and large inventory of spare parts in Europe allow us to maximize your equipment uptime while maintaining your costs.

Safe. Reliable. Affordable.

Service & Support

Compact design

Efficient design for lower costs and improved Veterinary workflow

Aquilion Lightning has been thoughtfully engineered to meet today’s economic challenges, helping you economize on space and energy consumption.

With a gantry design focusing on smaller installation space and lower energy consumption, Aquilion Lightning provides you with more space to work in.

Lower cost of care

Economize on space, not on performance
Aquilion lightning

Envision 360

Veterinary CT room design made easy

Canon Medical is making it easier to plan for system installations with the first interactive 3D site planning tool designed specifically for our imaging equipment.

Envision 360 allows for real-time customization for efficient room design to ensure a cost effective and efficient veterinary CT workflow.


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The Aplio i800 Takes Exotic Animals Imaging to the Next Level

“The Aplio i800’s SMI expands the range of visible blood flow to visualise low-velocity microvascular flow in an unprecedented way.”

Ardiaca García, María; Bonvehí Nadeu, Cristina; Montesinos Barceló, Andrés.
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CT for Horses – Image Quality and Safety are Crucial

“For the first time, we are now able to scan body regions like chest, knees and hips.”

Dr. André Böhmer, Telgte veterinary clinic.
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