In a world of growing demands and limited budgets, managing the costs of healthcare is very challenging. A Canon Managed Equipment Service (MES) partnership is a valuable option for your facility to reduce the financial and operational risks of your medical equipment planning while delivering better patient care.

Covering everything from procurement and financing to maintenance, asset management, commissioning and decommissioning of equipment, staff training and a dedicated helpdesk, a Canon MES partnership is a comprehensive solution for all your medical equipment needs. Together we will continuously strive to improve your workflows and processes so you can serve your patients better and more efficiently.

With more than ten years of experience in successfully managing MES partnerships in Europe and around the world we provide the expertise and trust you require. As a supplier with an ISO-certified quality system for MES partnerships we ensure fully transparent management and customer satisfaction.


Each Canon MES partnership is tailored to your organization’s clinical, operational and financial needs. From single modality or departmental solutions to full-service agreements covering all aspects of your medical technology requirements including equipment and asset management of new and already installed equipment, financing, maintenance, servicing, training and performance improvement – Canon provides the expertise to make optimum use of your equipment park and to streamline your processes.


» A Canon MES partnership provides you with a fully projectable expenditure while giving you better access to ­innovative technology.«

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