A Canon MES partnership helps you to take the key risks and spikes out of your medical equipment capital spending. While we assume those risks and manage your assets, you can plan your operations with fully projectable and pre-determined monthly payments covering everything from equipment service and maintenance to new purchases and financing, as well as staff training.

Capital asset planning

Each MES starts with developing a long-term investment plan – typically 10 to 15 years – based on your operational objectives, clinical needs and medical equipment requirements. This ensures clearly defined targets and fully transparent processes from day one of our partnership. Should your requirements change over time we will jointly adapt your technology plan to meet your needs.

Fixed monthly charges

An MES partnership will convert your variable investments in capital assets and new technology into a fully projectable service charge with a pre-determined monthly fee. Under the agreement we will provide regular reports on equipment uptime, service and maintenance status and user support with clear, quantifiable scores to match or even exceed the agreed Service Level Agreements.

You remain always in control

With our cloud-based AMP2HI software you have at all times full access to all relevant information with regard to your installed equipment, service schedules as well as contractual spendings. Should your clinical need change over time, the AMP2HI software allows you to simulate the impact of changes in equipment or services on your monthly charge.

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