Women have unique health challenges including pregnancy, menopause, and conditions of the female organs. Women can have a more reassured pregnancy by getting early and regular prenatal care. They should also get recommended screenings for breast and cervical cancer, as well as bone density measurements. Women and men also have many of the same health problems. But some of these challenges can affect women differently.
What we can do for you and your patients

  • Improve early detection, diagnosis and treatment through our cutting-edge transducer design, beamforming and other industry-leading ultrasound technologies resulting in unsurpassed image quality and applications like SMI (Superb Micro-vascular Imaging). This allows for instance best possible surveillance of normal pregnancies as well as high-risk pregnancies, even from before conception until delivery of the baby.
  • Best diagnostic image quality in every modality, ease-of-use, patient comfort, and product reliability to provide outstanding user experience, diagnostic confidence, and optimal workflow.
  • All Women’s Healthcare systems are multi-modality systems allowing true WHC diagnosis including non-gynecological examinations like e.g. breast, thyroid, liver, kidney as well as full cardio diagnosis. This includes the use of advanced tools like Shear Wave, Smart Fusion, and Speckle tracking.
  • Canon Medical systems offers Women’s health solutions that support the continuum of care, from visualization through to advanced biopsies, localization, treatment, and treatment response.
  • A wide variety of technologies are available to meet healthcare providers' imaging and connectivity needs, whether in advanced oncology dedicated institutions or providing basic levels of imaging and care.
  • Investment in advancing high-resolution imaging with a low as possible doses demonstrates Canon Medical’s commitment to making a difference in women’s health.
  • Canon Medical strives to develop technology solutions to support your mammography imaging needs through our management philosophy: Made for Life.


“Clinical Diagnostic Services personnel are recognized worldwide for their pioneering work in developing endovaginal ultrasound and introducing this imaging technology into clinical practice. We have been very involved in the development of both 2D and advanced 3D facilities as well as high-quality color Doppler imaging over many decades. This has culminated in the utilization of the Canon Aplio i800 system within our busy scanning clinics.”

Bill Smith
Consultant Ultrasound Specialist,
Head of Clinical Diagnostic Services, London, United Kingdom
“The new breast coil gives us much better spatial resolution. Fat saturation is always homogenous over the entire volume. Images have fewer motion artifacts due to optimal patient positioning. There is a perfect contrast in the visualization of implants with the PASTA technique. Image quality is ideal including the axillary glands in the coronary 2D T1 FE. Even when using sequences with high spatial resolution, the scan times remain short. All sequences perform better than with the old coil.”

Dr. M. Fischer, Radiologist
Radiologische Praxis Müller/ Eckelt
Teltow, Germany
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