Canon Medical’s MRI systems are unique in the industry in considering all aspects of patient care. The wide field of view and extensive range of standard and specialty coils ensure accurate diagnosis. The systems’ open bore and the quiet examination thanks to our Pianissimo technology support patient comfort. And a variety of non-contrast angiography techniques simplify examination and enhance patient safety.

”The new breast coil gives us much better spatial resolution. Fat saturation is always homogenous over the entire volume. Images have less motion artefacts due to optimal patient positioning. There is a perfect contrast in the visualization of implants with the PASTA technique. Image quality is ideal including the axillary glands in the coronary 2D T1 FE. Even when using sequences with high spatial resolution, the scan times remain short. All sequences perform better than with the old coil.”

Dr. M. Fischer, Radiologist
Radiologische Praxis Müller/ Eckelt
Teltow, Germany


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