The ultimate automated hybrid solution


Adora DRFi combines static and dynamic radiography with low dose fluoroscopy in one system. Enabling you to do all radiographic and fluoroscopic examinations and procedures in a single room, Adora DRFi helps you boost workflow efficiency and equipment utilization.

Complete remote control of the Adora DRFi is possible from the control room using the
ergonomic joystick and the remote user interface. Adora’s live monitor and exposure foot switch are helpful tools assisting you during in-room, tableside examinations. With the inControl console the radiologist gains complete mobile control in the examination room.


Adora DRFi is powered by Canon’s next generation CXDI detectors and imaging software. The system’s integrated detector provides fluoroscopic and serial imaging with an effective area of 43 x 35 cm. Ultra-light weight, wireless FPDs with integrated battery and image storage can be added to the system or used stand-alone as needed. Canon’s RF software provides advanced post-processing and imaging management capability, so you always get the optimal result.
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