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I would like to thank you again for using our products and services. Your continued support is deeply appreciated.

Our company is extremely happy to have participated in a joyous event.

Canon Medical Systems Corporation received the Prize of the Chairman of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation and the Invention Achievement Award at the 2023 Ceremony of National Commendation for Invention. These awards are presented to recognize outstanding original inventions that contribute to the improvement of science and technology and the advancement of industry. Canon Medical received the awards for developing a new method to improve the display of therapeutic devices during cardiac endovascular treatment.

The invention is related to image processing technology to support the treatment of heart disease. The Angio Workstation incorporating this new technology can display real-time dynamic images in which the therapeutic devices appear stationary even though they are actually moving due to cardiac motion. Improving the visualization of such devices makes it easier to perform treatment and also improves therapeutic outcomes. This will help to further expand the use of endovascular procedures and promote both patient-friendly and medical professional-friendly treatment, thus contributing to the advancement of healthcare.
We have now received awards (special awards or higher) for the last three years, following awards in 2021 for the invention of a new data export method for large-field CT detectors and in 2022 for the invention of a new signal processing method in ultrasound imaging systems to visualize low-velocity blood flow in very fine vessels.

Based on our commitment to promoting healthcare throughout the world, we focus on what we can do every day to achieve our goals. In accordance with our "Made for Life" philosophy, we will continue our untiring efforts to produce products with the latest technologies and to provide services which contribute to healthcare that values and protects human life.

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