Offline analysis
made simple

UltraExtend NX

Offline ultrasound analysis made simple

With UltraExtend NX you have access to your clinical data and diagnostic tools anywhere,  anytime, just like on your Aplio ultrasound machine.

Turn your clinical data into actionable insights

  • The embedded raw data functionality of Aplio i and a-series allows you to review, analyze, report and save your clinical data quickly and easily with UltraExtend NX.
  • The integrated patient and image management system allows you to review and manage your study data conveniently offline.

One solution – many possibilities

UltraExtend NX allows you to work with a variety of network situations. The software can for instance fetch data directly from your ultrasound machine and local NAS*; or send your results to your departmental PACS.

*NAS: Network Attached Storage; not included

More flexible – without sacrificing functionality

By analyzing clinical data offline, UltraExtend NX can help you to optimize your workflow. The software enables precise and reproducible cardiac quantification with just a few clicks and offers robust tools for planning complex processes such as THV deployment or clipping processes based on 3D TEE data.

Complete workflow

From organizing, reviewing and analyzing your clinical data to documenting and reporting findings – UltraExtend NX provides an affordable solution for your needs. UltraExtend NX is compatible with Aplio i- and a-series.
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