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COVID-19 was changing the entire world.
The importance of technology in our lives has never been more apparent than during this pandemic. They are playing a crucial role in securing the continuity of our business in the time of lockdowns, quarantines, difficult access to hospitals and customer contacts.
Healthcare was and still is under huge pressure, resulting in a long waiting list for patients in which flexibility is required.

This pandemic has also shown the importance of digital readiness, which we fortunately quickly integrated into Canon Medical.
That’s why this MyVisit platform was developed for you!

Discover all about our Alphenix Core + in 3D or request a demo from Canon Medical, to guide you through the 360˚ of this MyVisit platform.

Gelre Hospital, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Alphenix Core +

Flexibility is key! The Alphenix Core + provides you with unprecedented access to the patient and flexible anatomical coverage from any angle.


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“The Alphenix Core + Provides Great Features and Lower Dose.”

Prof. Laurent Feldman, Bichat Hospital, Paris, France.


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