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April 5, 2022

Hear the latest from the ‘Voice of Oncology’


Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, April 5, 2022 – Canon Medical Systems Europe invites you to join the virtual five-day event: Online Oncology Days. The event, starting on April 12, will provide insights from some of the world’s leading Oncology experts as they share their experiences and discoveries from research and clinical practice.

The Canon Online Oncology Days consists of daily interactive webinars, led by world-renowned international experts. The days will provide an online platform for healthcare professionals with an interest in Oncology. Professionals can connect and learn as state-of-the-art imaging and clinical management insights are explored during a series of interactive lectures, practical teaching sessions, and real-time clinical case discussions.

Approximately 8.8 million people die of cancer each year, representing every one out of six deaths globally (1). Cancer incidence is estimated to almost double by 2035(2). These numbers show the growing burden of cancer on our society, whether due to increasing age, the risk from lifestyle factors, lack of access to preventative measures and early detection, or lack of access to effective management strategies.

Facing this battle against cancer requires us to work together. To improve the well-being of patients and avoid healthcare system overload, we need to collaborate, not only in the innovation and development of new technologies but also in their implementation and best practices. Canon Medical understands the importance of education and strives to be the ‘’Voice of Oncology’’ by bringing together subject-matter experts from all over the world to share discoveries and insights from research and clinical practice.

Find out more about the Online Oncology Days on the Canon Medical Systems Europe website where you can also register for the event for free. All participants in our live webinar will receive a certificate of attendance.

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(2) Pilleron S et al. | Global cancer incidence in older adults, 2012 and 2035: A population-based study | Int J Cancer. 2019

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