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November 30, 2022

Canon Medical announces EU-wide new partnership for next-generation RF system developed by DMS Imaging

signature-4-canon-medical-dms-imaging.pngCanon Medical Systems Europe and DMS Imaging. From left to right: Christiaan Deurman (European Senior Product Manager, CMSE), René Degros (Vice President, CMSE), Samuel Sancerni (CEO, DMS Imaging), and Frank Gerritsen (European Clinical Market Manager, CMSE).

ZOETERMEER, The Netherlands, 30 November 2022 – Canon Medical Systems Europe today announced that it signed a European Union partnership with French radiology manufacturer, DMS Imaging, to market a new generation of radiography and fluoroscopy (RF) systems. It concerns a newly developed, remote-controlled, digital RF system including Canon Medical's technology.

The new solution will prioritize workflow and patient comfort and has the flexibility, versatility and sophistication to meet the complex demands and high standards of today's medical imaging environment.

Incorporating a new generation of RF systems into the European Canon Medical diagnostic imaging portfolio, fortifies the company's high-performing commercial status in diagnostic medical imaging. René Degros, Vice President at Canon Medical Systems Europe, explains: "The new agreement reached with Apelem-DMS Group will enable us to offer a complete and competitive range of medical imaging systems to our European customers and to strengthen our market position in the RF segment."

"The great flexible concept of the product and the related clinical advantages makes this system unique in this market segment," added Mr Degros.

Canon Medical has a long-held philosophy that promotes the importance of ergonomics and patient benefits through revolutionary system design backed by unique features. Reflecting this, the new RF system makes the examination experience as calm and comfortable as possible thanks to combined technology that puts patients at ease during routine exams or special procedures.

Technological features of the new generation RF solution include:

  • Independent movement of the X-ray tube and the selector/detector block
  • Brushless motors with absolute encoders for fast and accurate positioning
  • A generator fully integrated into the table's control panel, creating one intuitive, efficient interface
  • Integration of an innovative control system that permits monitoring and automatic control of the table and the collimator
  • Outstanding patient access
  • Modifications that ensure optimal dose reduction
  • Mobile detector and wireless functionality
The new generation RF system will be suitable for use across various specialties and procedures, including urology, pulmonary, tomography, gynaecology, nephrology, arthroscopy, paediatrics, angiography, orthopaedics, Accident & Emergency and gastrointestinal medicine.

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