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March 1, 2023

Welcoming Canon Medical’s New X-Ray System


Vienna, Austria, 1 March 2023 – Canon Medical launched its new, versatile, multi-purpose X-ray system - the Celex - at ECR 2023. The Celex offers an extensive range of advanced DR imaging capabilities. It combines state-of-the-art imaging with unique positioning flexibility and represents a true hybrid that delivers optimum capacity utilization. Designed with a small footprint, minimum installation space is required and the work area around the patient table is maximized.

Supreme agility

The new solution prioritizes workflow, patient comfort and has the flexibility, versatility, and sophistication to meet the complex demands and high standards of today's medical imaging environment.

The Celex takes multi-purpose to a new level with wide projection flexibility and innovative features that enhance user ergonomics and patient comfort. To improve the workflow by using the Celex, it is possible to save up to almost a thousand different auto-positions and any position can be saved for future clinical procedure. The built-in ‘’inMotion’’ auto-positioning technology enables direct, automatic positioning of the detector and tube to any saved position with pre-set examination parameters.

The user interface enables intuitive control of the system movements and exposure parameters. Self-explanatory icons on the large touchscreen make the system operation efficient, yet easy to master. Depending on the user’s preferences, customizable buttons can be selected to ensure smooth operation tailored to each department’s needs.

The “inControl” Console is designed with only four touch-sensitive joysticks and features a clear touchscreen interface. The joysticks are not only color-coded but also have a distinctive shape making them highly distinguishable. In addition, the tabletop is detachable and allows users to detach and park it on a trolley in a few simple steps. This enhances the versatility and functionality of the system, by providing optimal space for patients in e.g., wheelchairs or on stretchers, and supports any procedure that requires free space inside the C-arm.

Safety first

Finally, the system is designed with patient and user safety in mind. Particular attention is paid to dose reduction. Together with the carbon fibre patient table, the Celex is made entirely of materials that allow minimal X-ray absorption for maximum dose reduction. The grid can be easily removed, and the patient table can be moved out of the X-ray beam. Furthermore, Canon Medical’s advanced software with specialized algorithms and specific programs for pediatric patients contribute to dose minimization. The sophisticated algorithms include noise reduction, advanced edge enhancement and contrast boost.

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