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February 28, 2023

Canon Medical Extends Clinically Intelligent AI-driven Enterprise Platform to include Pathology Through Partnership with Tribun Health

(FEBRUARY 28, 2023) – Minnetonka, Minn. – Canon Medical Informatics, Inc. has extended its Enterprise Imaging (EI) suite of solutions to include pathology through its partnership with Tribun Health. This provides new capability for healthcare organizations to efficiently include pathology into their enterprise imaging plans as part of their precision informatics roadmaps. Canon Medical offers healthcare organizations an all in one suite of solutions and one comprehensive partnership for your most imaging-intensive departments, such as radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, and now pathology.

“Our relationship with Tribun Health demonstrates our commitment to be a clinical decision partner by expanding the clinical breadth of our Enterprise Imaging solutions to drive efficiency and seamless access to critical multi-modal clinical information for all clinicians caring for patients,” says Jim Litterer, President & CEO of Canon Medical Informatics. “Our future together is part of Canon Medical’s overall strategy to consolidate the complex and emerging specialties that are the foundation for personalized medicine.”

Delivering a common, clinically intelligent platform across complex, multi-site institutions to achieve common efficiencies for diagnosis, treatment planning and long-term patient management has been the core of Canon Medical Enterprise solutions. Serving up relevant, efficient access to imaging data optimally from its Enterprise Platform sets Canon Medical apart from solutions that segregate their departmental solutions from their VNAs. Canon Medical’s EI suite combines disease-centric solutions to promote sub-specialty collaboration. Tribun Health’s KLAS-leading CaloPix solution was the perfect intelligent extension with same cultural fit to Canon Medical and its solutions and services.

“Our partnership extends our reach to deliver comprehensive diagnostic and AI-based analysis to pathologists and increases the collaboration they have with their clinical partners” says Jean-Francois Pomeral, CEO of Tribun Health. “Our KLAS-leading solution coupled with Canon Medical’s Enterprise Imaging solutions centrally positions the digital transformation of diagnosis with oncologists and clinicians alike.”

Canon Medical solutions power some of the largest, most complex, and dynamic organizations around the world.

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