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September 13, 2019


Xephilio OCT-S1 Enables Capturing of 23 mm Wide-Field Image in a Single Shot

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, 13 September 2019 – Expanding its advanced, high-performing Eye Care portfolio, Canon Medical Systems Europe introduces the industry’s first wide-field swept source OCT capable of capturing high-resolution images of up to 23 mm in a single scan – the Xephilio OCT-S1.

Canon’s deep scanning swept source technology allows better penetration of cataracts, hemorrhages, blood vessels and sclera and at the same time optimizes capture of retinal and choroidal data – all in a single shot. With a single capture, the swept source Xephilio OCT-S1 shows a large wide-field OCT scan area as wide as 23 x 20 mm, which can be very beneficial for retina thickness observation of retinal detachment or retinitis pigmentosa.

Xephilio OCT-S1 enables superior penetration of dense objects and provides outstanding tomographic images. In addition, Intelligent Denoise – the system’s Deep Learning AI technology – offers a new quality of OCTA images in a single scan with greatly reduced noise, increased detail and improved visibility within just seconds.

“The new Xephilio OCT-S1 enables wider, deeper and higher resolution imaging of the eye, allowing us to extend frontiers of discovery in clinical research,” said Mr. Adel Bencheikh, Sales Manager at the Eye Care Group at Canon Medical Systems Europe BV. “Xephilio OCT-S1 allows visualizing details of the retinal vitreous down to the choroid and also to assess highly curved myopic eyes all in one single OCT capture.”

Mr. Jos Ruis, Vice President at Canon Medical Systems Europe, said “The integration of Canon’s Eye Care portfolio into the Medical Imaging business enables Canon Medical Systems Europe to significantly strengthen Canon’s position in the Eye Care market, as well as to advance the application of multimodality imaging techniques in clinical practice and research studies.”

Canon Medical Systems Europe is showcasing the new Xephilio OCT-S1 at this year’s ESCRS in Paris, September 14 – 18, 2019 (Booth 107, Pavilion 7.1).


  Xephilio OCT-S1

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