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November 27, 2019


Tromp Medical Oy, the official representative of Canon Medical Systems in Finland, has been chosen to provide equipment for the RAPTOR suite and trauma room for the new Bridge Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), which is currently under construction. HUS will be the first hospital in Europe to equip a RAPTOR* suite for trauma use.

* RAPTOR is the abbreviation for Resuscitation with Angiography, Percutaneous Techniques and Operative Repair.

“The patient is brought to the RAPTOR suite directly from the ambulance. Initial emergency examinations and care, FAST ultrasound examination to locate bleeding, computer tomography imaging, intravenous interventional radiological operations to stop life-threatening bleeding and, if needed, open surgeries will be conducted in the suite,” said Tuomas Brinck, a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology who has been coordinating the operational planning. (HUS press release 5 November 2019)

The suite will be equipped with the Canon Alphenix 4D CT angiography and slide-rail operated computer tomography system integrated into the same patient table and user interface. The RAPTOR suite will be located between the emergency unit and the surgical department, in close proximity to the intensive care unit in the new Bridge Hospital, which is currently under construction.

The assembly will include training equipment.

Patients with life-threatening bleeding will be taken to the RAPTOR suite. The patients will be taken care of by a multi-disciplinary group, which will consist of experts in traumatology, vascular surgery, anaesthesiology and radiology, in addition to 3 to 4 first aid professionals in the initial phase. Model facility equipment will be installed in the Meilahti hospital area in the beginning of 2020 and it will be used to familiarise the staff and provide simulation training in order to have well-functioning treatment methods in place before operations begin at Bridge Hospital.

“As the RAPTOR suite and operation model will be a first in Europe, thorough staff familiarisation with the new operational environment and process is key,” Brinck said.

“With the help of simulation training of the staff, the examination and care methods of the RAPTOR suite will be refined to be as functional as possible so that the teams will be able to work optimally,” Brinck added. (HUS press release 5 November 2019)

The details of the equipment installation will be planned and verified with the help of the model facility equipment. It will reflect the final equipment that will be installed at Bridge Hospital.

The construction of Bridge Hospital will be completed during the summer of 2022 and the first patients will be admitted in early 2023.

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The agreement was signed in Meilahti on 5 November 2019. Pictured, from the left to right: Jari Finnilä, Tomi Kauppinen, Jarkko Pajarinen, Kaisa Haavisto, Anne Mykkänen, Jussi Santaniemi, Lasse Lehtonen, Mark Holmshaw, Henrik Pelsenius, Tuomas Brinck, Mika Koivikko and Kari Sippola.

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