MSK - Ultrasound Live Webinar | December 14, 2021, 7:00 pm (CET) / 1:00 pm (EST)

Ultra-High Resolution Ultrasound of the Wrist and Hand: Dealing with a Complexity Game

Hand and wrist injuries are very common but remain complex areas for an ultrasound examination.
Ultra-high resolution probes have changed the game in the systematic visualization and assessment of tendons, nerves and articular structures.

This webinar will boost your confidence when performing a precise ultrasound scan. Prof. Carlo Martinoli will make a live, interactive demonstration sharing practical scanning tips based on his outstanding experience in MSK ultrasound practice.

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  • Ultra-High Resolution Ultrasound of the Wrist and Hand: Dealing with a Complexity Game –
    Prof. Carlo Martinoli
  • Live Scanning
  • Live Q&A

Why should you attend?
  • Learn more about the complex ultrasound anatomy of the hand and wrist area and the visualization of these structures
  • See how to assess tendons, ligaments and articular structures with ultra-high resolution ultrasound imaging techniques
  • Get live practical scanning tips derived from extensive experience and practice


Speaker: Prof. Carlo Martinoli, MD
IRCCS San Martino University Hospital Genoa, Italy

Carlo Martinoli is Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Genoa. An active member of the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR), Professor Martinoli has served that professional association as a member of its Executive Committee, as chairman for ultrasound, as chairman of the Educational Committee.
Prof. Martinoli has over 200 scientific articles or publications in international medical journals and over 1000 guest lectures at international courses or congresses.

Presentation Title: Ultra-High Resolution Ultrasound of the Wrist and Hand:
Dealing With a Complexity Game

The hand and wrist area is complex for ultrasound examinations.
See how ultra-high resolution probes help in the systematic visualization and the assessment of tendons, nerves and articular structures.

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