Ultrasound & Guided interventions: High-resolution ultrasound of shoulder

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This third webinar in our MSK series allows you to learn from the experts in the shoulder imaging. During the webinar, Dr. Jan Veryser and Dr. Ramon Balius will explain rotator cuff assessment and specific procedures, such as scapula-humeral punctures assessment and intra-tendinous calcification aspirations.

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Speaker: Dr. Jan Veryser, MD, Radiologist at Open MRI Zen (private center), Sluis, the Netherlands.
Member of a ESSR subcommittee for Imaging Guided Intervention. 

Title: Shoulder Ultrasound: High resolution reference images

Abstract: Shoulder ultrasound is commonly used in the rotator cuff assessment, providing quick and real-time diagnosis. Reference images are important in the definition of normal findings, prerequisite of accurate pathological diagnosis. See how ultra-high frequency probes can deliver these reference images with high resolution
Speaker: Dr. Ramon Balius, MD, Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Imaging & Sports Medicine Specialist at the Sports Catalan Council, Barcelona, Spain; and at the Clinica Diagonal Barcelona, Spain. Consultant of Watford FC.

Title: Shoulder Interventions and Pain Treatment

Abstract: Interventional procedures done on the shoulder improve their effectiveness if performed with guidance. We present different types of procedures as scapula-humeral punctures and intra-tendinous calcification aspiration using the barbotage technique. Tips and tricks derived from our experience will be specified in each of these procedures.

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