Maximize advanced cardiac ultrasound performance

As cardiac ultrasound requirements become more complex, Aplio allows you to grow your cardiac scanning capabilities over time or you can jump straight to our outstanding 3D/ 4D imaging technologies with our premium Aplio i900 ultrasound machine.

Explore every cardiac angle quickly and reliably

Aplio i900 enables you to acquire high-quality 4D volumes at high frame rate. A host of advanced analysis tools allows for in-depth assessment of cardiac anatomy and function.

Modality fusion for advanced cardiac insights

Cardiac Fusion is a unique tool to merge coronary CT images showing accurate coronary anatomy and ultrasound 3D Wall Motion Tracking, offering simultaneous display of the cardiac wall outline and function.

This tool offers automatic synchronization to match the position of coronary CT and ultrasound volume images. By superimposing coronary 3D images and the parametric 4D LV model the function offers accurate assessment of the coronary artery disease based on both coronary anatomy and wall motion function.
Cardiac Fusion provides a variety of views and projections for better comparison and insights, including the comparison of two fusion views for pre/post or stress/rest studies. Cardiac Fusion is available on the Vitrea workstation with no loss of functionality thanks to Aplio’s raw data architecture.

Explore fetal and pediatric hearts in exceptional detail

To satisfy the sophisticated requirements of pediatric imaging, Aplio i900 offers a wide range of dedicated transducers and software tools for neonatal to adolescent imaging. Canon Medical’s advanced fetal echocardiography tools provide remarkable visualization and quantification for every phase of the pregnancy, including the important first trimester.
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