Redefining first trimester screening

Early detection of fetal anomalies is crucial for efficient intervention and confident decision making as early as possible. Canon Medical's advanced transducer and beamforming technology provides high-quality imaging with unprecedented detail and clarity at every step of fetal development.

Seeing the unseen with SMI

Traditional color Doppler imaging removes clutter from the images by suppressing low-velocity components, resulting in a loss of flow in tiny vessels. SMI separates flow from overlaying tissue motion effectively, while preserving even the subtlest low-flow components with unmatched detail and definition.

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Explore the fetal heart in every detail

The ability to diagnose fetal heart defects at an early stage is essential for managing high risk pregnancies, as well as to prepare parents for what is ahead. Canon Medical’s advanced fetal echocardiography tools provide unmatched visualization and quantification for every phase of the pregnancy, including the important first trimester.

Breast Imaging

Standard and specialized ultra-wideband transducers with intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice technology provide outstanding homogeneity and superior definition across the entire field of view.

Better diagnostics starts here

Aplio’s ultra-wideband transducers cover the same bandwidth as two conventional transducers, providing superior sensitivity and resolution for both near and far field. While helping to reduce cost, this revolutionary transducer design can provide better imaging regardless of the patient condition.
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