New Vantage Elan / NX Edition

Canon Medical has successfully launched its latest 1.5T MR - the Vantage Elan / NX Edition.
The new system completes Canon’s intelligent and productive MR Portfolio. Two diagnostic imaging facilities in Europe, one in Germany and another in Italy, are the first to benefit from its advanced technology.

Advanced functionality

The new functionalities of the Vantage Elan / NX Edition are designed around customer and patient benefits. Meeting demand for high-resolution images with no compromise and faster scan time remains the top priority for all radiolo- gists. Integrating Altivity, Canon’s AI innovation suite, which includes Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), and accelerated scan technology like Compressed SPEEDER, the Vantage Elan / NX Edition can provide this. AiCE can be used in 96%* of the system’s MRI applications. It reduces scan times and simultaneously improves image quality. Fast 3D - a technique to accelerate 3D studies by up to 50% has been extended to cover ‘Time of Flight’ studies, and is also available with the Vantage Elan / NX Edition.

Ease-of-use and streamlined workflow are also always fundamental requirements for MR users. The Vantage Elan / NX Edition features software that provides new technological possibilities through multiple functionalities, such as ForeSee View, KneeLine+, SpineLine+ and more. These advanced techniques ensure reproducible image quality, automate the planning process, and avoid the need to re-plan and re-scan in challenging studies, including cardiac- and ankle-imaging.

* Based on the IMV report on total MR Procedure Volume in 2019

“The implementation of AiCE has significantly accelerated our Canon Vantage Elan. The number of patients examined per day has increased, while the image quality remains good with a reduced scan time.”

Prof. Reinhard Tomczak, Head of Center, Zentrum für Radiologie Bad Friedrichshall (Bad Friedrichshall Radioliogy Center), Germany.

Superior results

The Center for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany is a multi-center radiology clinic headed by Professor Reinhard Tomczak with a team of more than ten radiologists. The center has acquired a Vantage Elan / NX Edition to achieve precise and quick MR imaging for a wide spectrum of applications, including Cardiac MR.

“With AiCE we can reduce the scan time while keeping high standards in terms of image quality, and improving patient compliance.”

Dr. Paolo Bernasconi, Radiologist, Studio Radiologico Bernasconi (Bernasconi Radiology Clinic), Seregno, Italy.
The Studio Radiologico Bernasconi is a well-known diagnostic imaging center in Seregno, Italy. The center receives patients with various conditions and imaging needs from the public national healthcare system of the Lombardy region. The center is headed by Dr. Paulo Berasconi and has a team that includes six multi-specialized radiologists. The center is already renowned for its excellence. Outstanding image quality is essential in meeting its objective to achieve the highest diagnostic confidence possible. With the Vantage Elan / NX Edition, the center has been able to improve image resolution across different anatomies, including brain, liver, shoulder and knee, with significant and measurable improvement in Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). In addition, the scan time for some challenging applications, like prostate MR, has been reduced by 36%.

Intelligent MR: Fast, Efficient and Compact

Fast, efficient and compact, the Vantage Elan / NX Edition is a next generation MRI that offers a broad spectrum of benefits. //

“With AiCE we have better tissue contrast and it is easier to identify the margins of the lesions.”

Dr. Francesca Invernizzi, Radiologist, Studio Radiologico Bernasconi (Bernasconi Radiology Clinic), Seregno, Italy.
This article is a reprint from the international VISIONS magazine #36, published by Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.
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