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January 8, 2021

With the remit of providing radiology services for all conditions and demand for imaging growing enormously, Landspitali purchased four Aquilion CT scanners, three Adora DRi systems for diagnostic radiology, one Adora DRFi system for fluoro examinations, one Ultimax-i system for extended fluoro scanning, five mobile X-Ray units equipped with Canon DR plates, and three Aplio 400 Ultrasound systems from Canon Medical. Now, approximately 10,000 examinations are made each month using the Canon Medical equipment.

The latest CT

“The staff are very happy with the (Aquilion ONE/GENESIS Edition) system, especially with the speed at which it can help to perform examinations,” said Pétur Hannesson, Joint Head of the Radiography Department.

“We wanted a good system for coronary imaging. The large area detector of the Aquilion ONE/GENESIS Edition allows us to scan the heart very fast with only one rotation. This results in lower radiation doses for the patients and administering less contrast media. I like that very much,” added Steinuum Eria Thoracius, Joint Head of the Radiography Department.


The Aquilion PRIME is the department’s ‘workhorse’. It is used for everything, but is particularly useful for trauma imaging, not least due to its ‘insta-view’ functionality, which allows instant image review, while the scan is being made.

Space-saving combined functionality

Using space efficiently by installing equipment that combines functionality and modality makes sense.
“We use the (Adora DRFi) equipment 95% for normal X-Ray, but the possibility to use it also for fluoroscopy was very appealing,” explained Ms. Hannesson.

Fetal scanning

In the Hospital’s Prenatal Department, demand for around 11,000 fetal scans per year, prompted purchase of Canon Medical’s Aplio 400 Ultrasound systems.

“The Aplio 400 has light probes, delivers good image quality and works very well,” said Kristin Rut Haraldóttir, who is responsible for the education and training of midwives. (Midwives carry out the vast majority of fetal ultrasound examinations in Iceland.)

Read what else the imaging experts at Landspitali have to say about Canon Medical’s systems in the VISIONS interview article.

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