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Taking a Qualitative Leap Forwards

June 27, 2022

Instituts Guirado in Barcelona, Spain, is a high quality medical imaging center at the forefront of radiology. It is dedicated to providing rapid, accurate and trustworthy diagnosis through continuous commitment to investment in the latest technology, an optimized center for patients, and support from its highly skilled medical and professional team. With the latest MRI, CT and Ultrasound technology from Canon Medical, the diagnostic center can improve its services and knowledge even further. Dr. Jordi Catalá March, Executive Director - CEO of the Instituts Guirado, explained how the systems have supported a qualitative leap in many diagnostic procedures.

Across its seven facilities in Barcelona, the diagnostic center has recently acquired one Vantage Galan 3T MRI with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), one Vantage Titan 3T MRI, three Vantage Elan 1.5 T MRI systems, one Aquilion Lightning SP CT with AiCE and two Aplio a-series Ultrasound systems from Canon Medical.
Dr. Jordi Catalá March and Dr. Jorge Salmerón Pintos.
Dr. Jordi Catalá March with Canon's Vantage Galan 3T MR system.

Shared medical philosophy

Instituts Guirado is a company created and directed by doctors.

“We think like doctors, and combine technology, research, and academic publications, to provide the highest standards of comprehensive and innovative care in everything we do,” remarked Dr. Catalá March. “We were looking for a technological partner that would share our medical philosophy, and in particular, share our objective to get the most out of the images we acquire, enabling us to, for example, improve the diagnosis of tumors by detecting them earlier, map articular cartilage, and perform brain volumetric studies. We can achieve these things with tools that leverage Canon Medical's innovative technology that utilize AI and Deep learning.”
Dr. Jordi Catalá March with Canon's Vantage Galan 3T MR system.

Technology to serve both patients and medical team

Dr. Catalá March appreciates the constant improvement that is made possible through Canon technology and ongoing collaboration with Canon Medical.

“Just as an example, Canon Medical’s Deep Learning has allowed us to go further in diagnosis and patient care through enabling examinations with 80% less radiation dose, 40% less dose of iodinated contrast, and higher image quality. This is what we are looking for: technological changes that are beneficial for patients and for the medical team,” he explained.

Qualitative leaps forward in CT and MRI

The Aquilion Lightning SP has enabled the diagnostic center to take a qualitative leap forward. With a multi-slice detector, allowing a minimum thickness of 0.5mm; simultaneous acquisition of data with 160 slices in a single rotation; 3D and MPR images with a precise and uniform level of detail can be obtained in routine scans.

“It is really important that patients are scanned with a minimum exposure time, and with a minimum radiation dose, which is adjusted at all times to the anatomical region studied and the size of the patient's body. And, of course, that the CT produces excellent image quality, from which the patient benefits through more accurate diagnosis and a lower radiation dose,” said Dr. Catalá March.
“With our new acquisition of the latest generation, Canon Medical’s MR system the Vantage Galan 3T, we have taken a great qualitative leap in our protocols, expanding new sequences that improve diagnosis - changing diagnostic paradigms in some of our processes. Particularly relevant is the integration of AI through Canon’s AiCE technology,” he continued.

“Equally important, is the possibility to perform comfortable and silent examinations using new techniques, from which the patient gains in comfort and in much shorter scanning times, all thanks to the rapid acquisition of Compressed SPEEDER for 3D sequences. Another aspect to highlight is the wider gantry diameter, which is a help for claustrophobic and obese patients. We also have advanced post-processing.

“By using the latest systems and techniques developed by Canon Medical, we have been able to remain at the forefront as leaders in diagnostic imaging.”

Dr. Jordi Catalá March, Executive Director - CEO of the Instituts Guirad, Barcelona, Spain.

Continually advancing

The collaboration agreement with Canon Medical Systems allows the Instituts Guirado to constantly update the latest diagnostic techniques, such as, tractography, functional studies and MRI-Neurography, etc.

With the Vantage Galan 3T MRI, in particular, the diagnostic center has been able to add more sequences that add great value.

“One example of this is our studies of Meniere's disease and hydrops, which we have carried out for some years. The high resolution and post-processing of the acquired images, allows us to detect changes that have not been visible until now, related to pathologies in the membranous labyrinth.”

Another example is in oncology studies. The acquisitions achieved with Compressed SPEEDER for 3D technology, AiCE - Deep Learning, Atlas SPEEDER coils and all MRI expert packages, offer customization and rigor to these very sensitive diagnoses for the patient.

“We continue, hand-in-hand with Canon Medical. Growing and sharing enables us to continually advance. Canon Medical understands our philosophy, listens to our needs, and observes our working methods,” said Dr. Catalá March. “Together, we achieve synergy in our work. We feel very comfortable with Canon’s response to our diagnostic requirements, which are focused on early and better diagnosis leading to optimal treatment, we aim to build a better and healthier future.”

“Thanks to the technology we currenty have we are able to detect haemorrhages, tumors and vascular problems in just a few minutes.”

Dr. Jorge Salmerón Pintos, Medical Director at Instituts Guirado in Barcelona, Spain.

New generation expertise

"The “know how” of an institution provides an active value that we pay a lot of attention to and from Instituts Guirado we promote the acquisition of state of the art technology that gives to the professionals and new talents the tools and the environment we need for our research and continuous training," said Dr. Catalá March.

Leaders in diagnostic imaging

Over the last six years, Instituts Guirado has strived for excellence in imaging. “By using the latest systems and techniques developed by Canon Medical, we have been able to remain at the forefront as leaders in diagnostic imaging,” remarked Dr. Catalá March.

“Our collaboration with Canon is a commitment to the future, in which the teamwork that we have established brings us great advantages, and ultimately continual progression enabling us to continue to offer an excellent medical service and maximize diagnostic value.” //
Instituts Guirado, Barcelona, Spain
The Instituts Guirado is a high quality medical imaging center for diagnostics located in Barcelona, Spain.

Established in 1977, it is renowned as a leader in imaging, and provides radiology services and diagnostics that span MR, CT, CBCT and Ultrasound imaging, conventional digital radiology, dental radiology, dental 360, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, clinical analysis and preoperative imaging. Through use of the latest imaging equipment and techniques, it operates at the forefront in diagnostic imaging.

Headed by Dr. Jordi Catalá March, the Instituts Guirado currently operates more than seven centers in Barcelona. It employs a total of 25 radiologists. In addition to providing a wide range of diagnostics, it is involved in cutting-edge research in radiology and radiology techniques, and has produced the following studies:

Labyrinthine Hydrops. Meniere´s disease.
Dr. Jorge Salmerón. Barcelona, 2021.

Complex odontoma.
Dra. Araceli Martínez Mirabé Barcelona, May 2019

Transmission and mixed hypoacusia.
Dr. Jorge Salmerón. Barcelona, February 2019.

Alterations of labyrinthine signals in the MR acoustic-facial package studies.
Dr. Jorge Salmerón. Barcelona, November 2018.

Radiological clinical study.
Dr. Jorge Salmerón. Barcelona, October 2018.

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