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Searching for New Horizons with the Alphenix 4D CT

November 23, 2022

SEARCH (Sandnes Education And Research Center Hoyland) is a new research laboratory in Sandnes, Norway. It was established to provide state-of-the-art resources for public research institutions and private companies to scientifically test products and techniques from a broad range of sectors, including medical and veterinary fields. This research has the potential to enhance scientific knowledge on diseases, diagnostic tools and treatment methods that have the potential to benefit human- and/or animal health globally. Highly advanced imaging is essential. One of the first priorities in setting up the lab was to install an Alphenix 4D CT from Canon Medical. Marianne Oropeza Moe, Manager, and Frode Johannessen, Senior Radiologist at SEARCH, explain how the advanced system opens up a wide range of research opportunities.
Originally formed from a collaboration between the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Stavanger University Hospital (SUS) and the University of Stavanger (UiS), SEARCH is currently run by five core staff with access to the wider scientific expertise of medical and veterinary specialists from these institutes. Over the last five years, the facility has evolved from a concept into a fully functional laboratory which will welcome its first research customers later this year.
VISIONS spoke with SEARCH (Sandnes Education And Research Center Hoyland), a research laboratory in Sandnes, Norway, about their experiences with the Alphenix 4D CT.

“We have high expectations for the system, as well as the alliance with Canon Medical and Tromp Medical.”

Marianne Oropeza Moe – Manager at SEARCH, Sandnes, Norway.

Aiming to be the best

SEARCH Laboratory has been established for use by public research institutions and private companies for testing techniques, medical equipment etc. using models, simulators or fresh frozen specimens.

Construction of the lab began in 2017. The core operational team was appointed in 2020 and immediately set about equipping the new lab. One of the first priorities was to acquire state-of-the-art imaging equipment. The lab purchased an Alphenix 4D CT system from Canon Medical Systems Europe and Tromp Medical.
From left to right: Christel Ailin Eide Espeland, Frode Johannessen, Silje Nes and Marianne Oropeza Moe (SEARCH, Sandnes, Norway).
Nils Petter Oveland, Medical Advisor at SEARCH, Sandnes, Norway.
“We are a small core team, but we aim to be the best experimental lab in Europe!” remarked Frode Johannessen.

“There were many reasons why we chose Canon Medical and the Alphenix 4D CT,” said Marianne Oropeza Moe. “Firstly, the quality and advanced capabilities of the equipment itself – the 4D CT with the 16cm Wide-Area Detector CT, combined with a highly flexible Angio system. A shared coordinate system between the CT and Angio system for optimal communication. And the fact that this system fitted well into our lab, which occupies a relatively small area.”

“In addition, the professionality of the vendors during the purchase in process and in subsequent negotiations impressed us,” she added. “The participation of top leaders from both Tromp Medical Norway and Canon Medical made it possible to come to conclusions and agreements during the negotiations in a smooth way and their willingness to commit to a partnership with us.”
Nils Petter Oveland, Medical Advisor at SEARCH, Sandnes, Norway.


SEARCH require the Alphenix 4D CT for many different kinds of CT examinations and interventions. For example, to scan animal models, to offer the highest quality imaging and live videos of anatomical structures and pathological processes in animals and humans (i.e. as part of specific research projects), to train many medical and veterinarian specialists, and to develop new imaging software.

“Our imaging activities will start off with evaluations of the cardiovascular system on animal models,” said Frode Johannessen. “We have a project scheduled this autumn together with Topigs Norsvin (a world leading company in pig breeding and genetics) called: “A Heart for a Pig”. This is a survival study with ten, fast-growing, pigs which we will examine with CT from the weight of 40 kg until slaughter weight 120 kg (three months). Our main objective in the project is to acquire more knowledge regarding development of the cardiovascular system and heart function in fast-growing pigs. For this we plan to use Canon’s software - CT Cardiac Functional Analysis.”
Frode Johannessen, Senior Radiologist at SEARCH, Sandnes, Norway.
Two different research groups, one from Sweden and one from Finland, also wish to conduct their experiments on detection of intracranial bleeds at SEARCH. And other customers have expressed an interest in conducting survival studies after implanting new medical devices at the lab. The Alphenix 4D CT system will also be used as the gold standard in a PhD project to evaluate the diagnostic potential of microwaves for detection of internal bleeding.

“We are also planning to offer a wide range of Interventional Radiology courses. Anything from elementary level to more advanced courses, such as embolization, TIPS, TAVI and spine intervention” said Frode Johannessen.

A new spectrum of possibilities

The Alphenix 4D CT opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities for SEARCH.

“We have high expectations for the system, as well as the alliance with Canon Medical and Tromp Medical,” added Marianne Oropeza Moe. “We are convinced that it was a smart move to base the acquisition of the system on a collaborative approach. Our experience with multidisciplinary teams is that they result in new synergies and alternative approaches to solve problems.” //
Photographer: Rune Helliesen
Photographer: Rune Helliesen

What is Canon Medical’s Alphenix 4D CT?

The Alphenix 4D CT is an integrated system that combines premium CT and ceiling-mounted angiography technology. It provides the perfect diagnostic and treatment set-up for procedures across various interventional segments such as Interventional Oncology, Trauma / Neuro / Stroke, General Vascular or for use as an additional or backup CT. The system is available with two different CT configurations: Aquilion ONE/ GENESIS Edition and Aquilion Prime SP.

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