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What is Automation Platform?

October 4, 2022

Canon Automation Platform is an AI-based, zero-click solution that uses Deep Learning technology to automatically orchestrate data and streamline clinical workflows, thereby reducing workload.
Automation Platform: Zero-click DICOM auto-processing for enterprise clinical care continuums
From scanner to clinical decision, the Automation Platform streamlines workflows to automate post processing of images and deliver actionable results fast, accurately and every time - for accurate triage, notification and treatment decisions.

Automation Platform intelligently harnesses the power of Deep-Learning AI to automatically organize, normalize and process results from image repositories and world-class modalities. The Automation Platform performs the following automated tasks:
  • Collect & curate
    − Automatically collects, processes and tags clinically relevant patient data, from systems and repositories, including Advanced Intelligent Clear IQ Engine (AiCE) images
  • Process & categorize
    − Intelligently and accurately classify incoming DICOM data using neural network data categorization; and auto dispatch to relevant clinical applications based on AI rules
  • Evaluate images & detect abnormalities
    − Utilizes a suite of clinical applications (many AI-powered) to automatically produce standard results for interpretation
  • Deliver results & alerts
    − Streamlines clinical workflows with a concise summary of the right qualitative and quantitative insights, with alerts to potentially urgent conditions, thereby augmenting clinical decisions.

Automation Platform – Clinical Delivery

The Automation Platform runs validated clinical applications, packaged for multiple clinical care continuums, and fully integrated within these workflows and clinical systems. The first suite of solutions designed to run on the Automation Platform focus on stroke; automatically analyzing images to fully characterize stroke conditions and provide instant information to emergency and stroke teams to aid in clinical evaluation and treatment.
By delivering fast, reproducible and consistent results, the zero-click Automation Platform helps to reduce variability amongst clinicians and significantly improve staff workflow.

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