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Introducing the New Aquilion Serve CT System

March 1st, 2023

Canon Medical will announce its new 80/160-slice CT scanner, the Aquilion Serve at ECR 2023 (March 1 – 5, 2023, in Vienna, Austria). Designed for busy medical imaging departments, it delivers consistent imaging results, better image quality, lower radiation dose and faster throughput, creating more time for patient care.

The Aquilion Serve is an efficient solution for all routine examinations, including trauma. Its newly designed 80-cm wide bore gantry features two, easy-to-use, touch panels and inbuilt cameras that support automated one-touch patient positioning. It also introduces the next-generation INSTINX workflow solution, which combines AI-enabled automation with innovative hardware and an intuitive user experience to support fast, easy, and safe CT examinations. The new workflow also dramatically reduces training time for operators.

Preview first
The new system introduces an industry-first, 3D Landmark Scan, which is acquired at the same dose as a traditional dual 2D scanogram. 3D Landmark Scan provides a preview of the full scan range cross-sectional dataset in addition to the traditional 2D view for scan planning. This, in conjunction with Anatomical Landmark Detection (ALD), can accurately identify the anatomical structures required to perform automatic scan planning for all routine examinations. In addition, scan range and field of view can be automatically set to a position that is predefined in the scan protocol to save time, while ensuring consistent results for all CT technologists.

Sharp imaging
For image quality, Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) harnesses the power of deep learning to distinguish signal from noise and deliver extremely sharp, clear and distinct CT images. Fully integrated into the patient-centric workflow, it also reduces dose levels significantly.

New standards in workflow efficiency
As part of the new system, Canon Medical introduces INSTINX, a total workflow experience redesigned from the ground up to set new standards in efficiency and consistency. Every detail of the workflow has been thoroughly refined based on clinical testing in medical centers around the world. Now every operation is more intuitive and can be learned faster than ever before. This ease-of-use contributes to work satisfaction, time savings and flexible allocation of resources.

“The Aquilion Serve intelligently supports a patient’s journey through a CT examination with technology that will change the way you perform a CT examination forever,” remarked Naoki Sugihara, Vice President and General Manager of CT Systems Division at Canon Medical Systems Corporation. “With an optimized workflow experience that enables consistent results to be provided more quickly while maintaining low dose, Aquilion Serve ‘simply delivers’.”
Improved patient care
  • Industry’s first 3D Landmark Scan to accurately identify the anatomical structures.
  • All-round, versatile capabilities for any type of patient or examination.
  • Low dose, consistency in image quality and contrast reduction made possible through Deep Learning Reconstruction (Advanced Intelligent Clear IQ Engine).
  • SilverBeam filter, a beam-shaping filter to selectively remove low energy photons from a polychromatic X-ray beam, leaving an energy spectrum optimized for high contrast CT applications.
Improved workflow
  • Integrated, built-in cameras to seamlessly set the patient in the iso-center.
  • Consistency thanks to a new intuitive user interface and a robust scanning process.
  • Simple scan planning and simple patient positioning.
  • Easy-to-learn user experience for both CT experts and first-time users.
  • AI-based anatomical landmark detection for patient positioning and scan range.
Improved patient experience
  • Unique flared gantry design with an opening of 80 cm providing a calming, wide-open space.
  • Increased safety with Tech Assist Lateral Slide, a feature that mechanically moves the patient up, down, left, or right to the correct position at the touch of a button.
  • In-gantry lighting and quiet gantry for optimal patient comfort.
  • No compromise on patient safety by using AI guided scan set-up and simple operation buttons.
  • Standardized workflow eliminating the risk of rescan.
Improved cost-efficiency
  • Designed to save space with an eco-conscious design.
  • Enables high patient throughput with standardized workflow, eliminating inconsistencies.
  • Intuitive user experience that results in shorter training requirements.
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