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Your Feedback Drives Our Business - European Customer Survey Results

March 27th, 2023

For decades Canon Medical has placed the Voice of the Customer (VOC) at the heart of its business. In 2015, we made steps to ensure faster and better response to customer feedback. Customer satisfaction research was increased from a once-a-year survey to continual monitoring in 'real-time', with the results of this used to implement actions to improve our services immediately. Since then we have been inviting our customers to evaluate their experience of our post-installation Training. In more recent years, we have also introduced customer satisfaction surveys on the Procurement, the Delivery & Installation and SOS Service.

The survey results enable us to gain better insight into customers’ needs and the responses provide us with input for possible improvements. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to learn and grow as a company, resulting in very high satisfaction scores once again.

Although your satisfaction score is already at an extremely high level, you can rest assured that we will not sit still. We will continue to work on improvements in order to meet your changing needs and requirements as well as the general healthcare market conditions.

As we work towards further improvement of our services, your opinion is invaluable and we hope you will continue in providing us your feedback!

In addition to the surveys mentioned above, we also launched a Generic Survey, which was sent to more than 21,000 Canon Medical customers in Europe in November 2022.

This generic survey is conducted every two years to measure the satisfaction of our customers who have not received any of the other surveys mentioned above in the past two years. We will share these results in our next VISIONS edition.

This time next year, we will feature our 2023 Customer Survey results, including the results of our new Generic survey conducted in November 2022. - Here’s to another year of fantastic responses.

Why do our customers recommend us?

Three main reasons for choosing Canon Medical:

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