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EnVision 360 – Planning Insight for Advanced Multimodalities

April 20th, 2023

Following growing demand from customers for support and advice in planning imaging facilities, Canon Medical Systems Germany (CMSG) has become one of the first European Canon partners to offer EnVision 360 – a new interactive 3D site planning tool designed specifically for Canon Medical equipment. Stefan Wiehl, Business Unit Manager Vascular and X-Ray at Canon Medical Systems Germany, and André Schlabe, Team Leader Project Management at Canon Medical Systems Germany, explain how EnVision 360 is a particularly valuable tool when it comes to Canon Medical’s most advanced technology, the Alphenix 4D CT – a single room solution with CT and angio suite.
EnVision 360 was developed by Canon Medical in response to customer needs for sophisticated site planning tools. More people from a diverse range of fields have become involved in the planning process for healthcare facilities, space is often limited, and increasingly advanced imaging equipment requires precise placement for optimal use of space.

“In recent years, we have often been asked by customers to visualize our plan proposals in 3D,” remarked André. “When EnVision 360 was developed at Canon Medical Systems Europe, we were very keen on acquiring the new tool so that we could convert 2D plans into more easily understood 3D plans.”

“The interdisciplinary approach of EnVision 360 is of great importance,” added Stefan. “Radiologists, anesthetists, technicians and nurses need to have a common sense of understanding about any new facilities being created or existing features being altered. They have to work in the environment for a number of years. The workflow should be perfect.”
Optimal room layout
Before EnVision 360, CMSG assisted its customers in site planning by making 2D drawings using AutoCAD software. The new 3D tool provides an interactive platform that makes it easy for viewers to see how their healthcare facility could be best equipped. The typical workflow with the new system is more straightforward. A PDF or dwg file is required from the customer, and based on this André and his team design a suitable room layout.

“EnVision 360 3D is created from 2D drawings, but involves additional software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro,” said André. “The result is a realistic 3D proposal for the optimal room layout. We can discuss different scenarios for placement of a modality with our customers, let the customer walk virtually through the examination room and experience how the proposed arrangement might work with in practice.”

“We can also offer virtual site visits that go one-step beyond this through EnVision 360,” continued Stefan. “The customer can enter their virtual room and see the MR or CT systems within it, click on some features of the system – the hardware, and the details pop up immediately.”

“Proper planning and 3D visualization is crucial to check there are no potential conflicts.”

Stefan Wiehl – Business Unit Manager Vascular and X-Ray at Canon Medical Systems Germany
Siting sophisticated systems
Canon Medical’s Alphenix 4D CT Interventional Suite combines Aquilion CT, Alphenix Angiography and high-quality Ultrasound capabilities in one room. This brings enormous benefits increased workflow and enables more complex procedures to be performed with far greater ease and efficiency. However, the system needs to be properly sited within the customer’s room, especially with so many moving parts.

“Our most advanced technology - the Alphenix 4D CT – combines a moving CT-gantry and a moving angiography system,” Stefan pointed out. “When other systems are required in the room, such as an anesthesia trolley or stereotactic targeting device, proper planning and 3D visualization is crucial to check there are no potential conflicts.”

“With EnVision 360 we can simulate typical workflows with the moving systems in the room.”

Circumnavigating other challenges
In addition to the advantages of 3D visualization, the new virtual planning tool has also proved invaluable under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Under the pandemic circumstances, EnVision 360 provided a big additional advantage, because we were not able to carry out site visits,” said Stefan. “EnVision 360 meant that the customer could safely ‘visit’ their own facility in 3D. And, together with us, effectively progress its development from a distance.”

“EnVision 360 is a realistic 3D proposal for the optimal room layout.”

André Schlabe, Team Leader Project Management at Canon Medical Systems Germany.
Into the future
Canon Medical Systems Germany will also be using EnVision 360 in the future even more as a presales stage.

“The tool enables us to show even more of our competence in Radiology and Cardiology projects,” said André.

“EnVision is definitely a positive step forward and the start of many more developments. we are also talking about the potential of virtual reality, and our customers are interested in this” remarked Stefan. “However, this is not a project which will be immediately available.”

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