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Celebrating the 40th Edition of VISIONS Magazine

April 12th, 2023

This particular VISIONS magazine marks a milestone in Canon Medical’s history. Precisely twenty years and 40 editions ago, the first European VISIONS was published.
The idea to produce a high-quality customer magazine originated in Europe. Aware of how remarkable the real-life applications of Canon Medical’s systems in research and development really are, as well as what a difference the systems make in clinical practice, our European Marketing Director, Jack Hoogendoorn, recognized the immense value of sharing accounts of these applications with our customers in a convenient format. VISIONS is exemplary of our Made for Life philosophy and exemplifies our commitment to improving quality of life through innovation and lifetime partnerships - no matter what the challenges are.

VISIONS provides the latest news on clinical solutions from Canon Medical across the entire range of our modalities, ground-breaking studies, and clinical application stories. Many of the contributors are world-leading specialists in various fields. And they are not only our customers, but are considered our valued partners.

When it was first published in 2002, VISIONS was a modest printed magazine. Now, the European VISIONS publication is distributed to approximately 7,000 readers. And there is a global version, as well as national issues in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK. There are also a number of VISIONS online resources, such as a blog and LinkedIn VISIONS page that attract more than 1,250 followers.

I started to work on VISIONS as an Editor approximately 10 years ago and became Editor-in-Chief in 2020 (Edition 34). Over the years, the publication has evolved in content and style to become a significant title in the essential reading list of so many specialists worldwide.

It is always a pleasure to work on VISIONS, knowing that it delivers such valuable and meaningful content across the healthcare industry. And I look forward to continuing to work on future VISIONS editions.

Kind regards,


Jacqueline de Graaf- Degros

Editor-in-Chief of VISIONS Magazine,
Senior Project Manager Marketing
Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

You can also read this piece as the original published article in VISIONS 40#. Click to download it here.

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