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January 5, 2021

Features that support specialist services

The clinic is the academic teaching hospital of the University of Lübeck and provides highly skilled specialized medical services to eight medical expert centers in musculoskeletal radiology for orthopedic trauma surgery and spinal surgery, as well as general radiological services, including Interventional radiology, in all other fields.

“In addition to the strong gradients required for neuro- and cardio-imaging frequently performed in our clinic, we needed a 1.5 Tesla system due to the long implants in scoliosis surgery,” said Dr. Leibecke.

The Vantage Orian’s flexible coils ensure top image quality and can be used for any area of the extremities.

Easier patient positioning

The Vantage Orian has a dockable patient couch and wider gantry opening that allow personnel to move all patients into position easily.

“For the roughly 1,500 bed-ridden patients who are examined by MRI at the clinic each year, it makes a big difference, whether we need to move patients twice or four times, as was previously the case with an MR compatible trolley,” explained Dr. Leibecke. “The Vantage Orian’s Dockable Table means we can avoid 3,000 repositioning procedures per year, which also places considerably less strain on our personnel.”

One of the quietest MRI’s available

Pianissimo and Pianissimo Zen technologies help minimize noise from the system. “Some sequences, such as 4D angiography of the head, can be performed without any of the typical loud MRI noises,” remarked Dr. Leibecke.

Significantly expanded portfolio

Providing a good fit for specialist trauma and general work, the Vantage Orian has already enabled the clinic to extend its work.

“So far, the whole (training, service and application) operation has run smoothly and we haven’t had any unexpected downtime whatsoever. And has also represented a significant expansion to our portfolio,” added Dr. Leibecke.

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