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January 4, 2021

The main challenge in hand surgery is the precise negotiation of intricate structures. It involves a unique combination of elements from plastic-, orthopedic- and micro surgeries to treat extremely complex and small structures within the hand and lower arm. Accurate diagnosis with sub-millimeter accuracy is essential for optimal treatment success.

Hand surgery specialist, Dr. Sebastian Kluge from the Seefeld Hand Surgery Clinic in Zurich explained to VISIONS how Canon Medical’s Aplio i800 Ultrasound system supports improved diagnoses, treatment and outcomes for patients.

“The Aplio presents structures and situations in a spatial resolution, which would not be possible for any CT or MRI, while simultaneously providing the possibility of dynamic assessment.” he remarked.

Ultra-high frequencies

Canon Medical’s Aplio i800 offers matrix technology in the ultra-high 24MHz to 33MHz frequencies. The system’s 24MHz probe enables the differentiation of structures to a submillimeter level.

“The presentation of soft tissue and bone and their dynamic interaction with a resolution of 24MHz is staggering and proves the huge potential of sonography,” added Dr. Kluge. “The resulting increase in spatial resolution not only allows the person carrying out the examination to take the very important step of moving from a suspected diagnosis to absolute diagnosis certainty for many matters, it actually redefines the cause of certain diagnoses.

Unforeseen new possibilities

The extremely high resolution provides valuable support even for ultrasound- guided interventions.

“ This system offers previously unforeseen new possibilities in hand surgery,” said Dr. Kluge.

Explore the intricacies of hand surgery and find out how the Aplio i800 is used in clinical practice through the eyes of one of Europe’s top hand surgeons. Read our fascinating feature on this VISIONS interview.
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