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January 29, 2021

The original idea of refurbishing Canon Medical Systems demo equipment to the highest standards to give it a new life as an affordable, high-quality imaging option for hospitals, private institutions and veterinary clinics, was pioneered by Johan Vochteloo who is now the director of the department. He has found solutions for the many challenges that this venture encountered. These include compliance with an enormous wealth of regulations.
Secondlife Refurbished Equipment – High quality, affordable solutions
All Secondlife systems are refurbished according to the highest industry standards, including the COCIR Good Refurbishment Practice. The process of refurbishment is quality controlled and certified according to ISO 13485:2003, an industry first. The systems are delivered with one-year full warranty, the latest applicable software upgrades, and can be configured to customers wishes. “Canon Medical guarantees Secondlife Refurbished Equipment to be as good as new, only more affordable,” Johan says.

A niche for Secondlife Refurbished Equipment has emerged in the veterinary market. “The veterinary business is a fast-growing market and we have adapted our company strategy to become a major partner in this field,” he adds.” Our clinical solutions are designed to be adapted from small domestic animals up to big animals such as horses. Especially in the latter, we have been very successful based on our CT’s with the largest bore on the market and the extremely high image quality in ultrasound.”

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Text contributions and editing:
Mélisande Rouger - Independent Journalist (full article)

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