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November 30, 2020

Renewing with Secondlife Refurbished Equipment

With public health issues continuing to make daily mainstream news headlines across the world, it is clear how much change the healthcare environment is going through. Not only are there existing pressures on resources, space, staff, certain procedures, and budgets, but there are brand new ones resulting from the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to an even greater need for flexibility, affordability, and rapid response in medical solutions. As well as being world-renown for its innovative and reliable long-term imaging solutions, Canon Medical Systems Europe provides temporary high-quality imaging solutions that are proving invaluable in meeting the current pressures on healthcare facilities.
Canon Medical System Europe’s Refurbished & Mobile Imaging Solutions combines the skills and capabilities of two specialized departments: ‘Secondlife Refurbished Equipment’ and ‘Mobile Imaging Solutions’. Over more than 25 years since its initial inception, this specialized branch of Canon Medical has accumulated a unique and diverse range of expertise in bringing new high-quality options to customers, which most recently, has become an essential tool in tackling the pandemic.

Keep an eye on the blog page overview to read more about Refurbished Secondlife Equipment and about Mobile Imaging Solutions in parts II and III of this blog series.

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